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Why I Dislike “How To Start A Blog” Posts

By Aug 31, 2016No Comments

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If you want to start a blog, there a million posts out there walking you through the task, but it’s not always as easy as following steps 1, 2, and 3. Today’s blogger wants you to know that there’s hard work and effort involved in being a successful blogger. While the starting-a-blog posts can definitely  be helpful, they’re not always a be all end all guide to succeed and the tips from this post are likely to set you on the right track.


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Why I Dislike “How To Start A Blog” Posts

Let me preface this post by taking a minute to tell y’all how difficult of an article it is to write. The overabundance popularity of starting a blog-type posts on Pinterest absolutely astounds me. Not only has just about every blogger in the blog-o-sphere written on the topic but they perform exceedingly well on social media.

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