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Write For Yourself

By Sep 27, 2017No Comments

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Why do you write? Writing is a great way to express your thoughts whether it’s just to document them, to work through some ideas or questions, or to share new ideas. Most importantly though, writing is firstly for you.  Today’s blogger believes you should be keeping your eyes set on the writing prize and remember who you started writing for in the first place – YOU!


Write For Yourself

13th July 2017. That is the date that’ll always be remembered by me as the day my life changed. I have personally never liked the term change. I’d rather label it as impact. The day that had the greatest impact on my life. It was the day I started my blog, “Sketches by Nitesh.” This is a retrospection on seventy-three days of blogging. Seventy-three days and two hundred and one blog posts. Damn, that is quite a lot.
As of this very moment, I have too much to say. If I start, most probably I’ll end up writing ten thousand words (Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with those many) just to say all that I want to say in this very moment. Now you, my dear readers, might ask how I have so much to write when many of you struggle with penning even few hundred words on paper.
Just read on through.

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