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You Might Be a Blogger If…

By Nov 10, 2016 No Comments

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You might be a blogger if… While all bloggers are unique, there are definitely some common threads that are woven throughout the blogosphere. What would be on your Foxworthy-esque list? Today’s featured post is just that- a Foxworthy-inspired list of qualities you probably possess!


You Might Be a Blogger If…

As a result of blogging–chasing analytics working with brands, changing my WordPress theme thirty hundred times because something doesn’t work quite right–I’ve learned so much, unintentionally, that applies to my “real” job in marketing. And those lessons have surprised me.

Bloggers are #awesome. And I think we all have a few things in common.

Going with the tried and overused Jeff Foxworthy-ish title here . . . are you ready for it?

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