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10 Ways To Promote Blog Posts

By Jul 23, 20155 Comments

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It’s not enough to write great blog posts- you also have to promote blog posts. With the help of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter and some other fabulous hints, you’ll be a self-promotion machine in no time, getting the word out to your regular readers and new readers alike. Read along to find out this blogger’s 10 must-dos for successful post promotion!

promote your blog post

10 Ways To Promote Blog Posts

Let’s say you just wrote a great blog post, you are checking the spelling, preview it 100 times… but then what?
Unfortunately many bloggers are afraid or not aware of the fact that simply publishing a blog post is not enough. You need to put it out there for any potential new reader to see your fantastic new post! I just gathered my top 10 tips how I promote my blog posts once they are published, which helped me grow my readership.

Read the full post here: 10 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post


  • Marion says:

    Well, promote my blog is very hard. I used to social bookmark, social network, video youtube…but the best way maybe is use PBN to rank your blog on page 1 google…and will have many many traffic to your blog…

  • Adam Johan says:

    I just used 4 of them to promote my blog posts.. Now I will try to use all of them Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • I agree wit Leo, SEO is great way to promote a blog, that is the most way to increase traffic to our site

  • Leo William says:

    I think SEO is the best way to promote blog posts. People need the information and they will search on Google things that they need….So, we need to rank website or blog on page 1 GG..

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