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2 Tips On How to Get Traffic From Twitter

By Feb 1, 2016No Comments

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Do you drive traffic from Twitter to your blog? We are always looking for ways to drive traffic to our blogs, but sometimes those ways can be right under our noses. This blogger realized she was overlooking an important piece of traffic-driving gold- Twitter! She has a couple of great tips for using tweets to drive traffic your blog’s way!

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2 Tips on How to Get Traffic From Twitter

I have been using Twitter for years but I was not using it enough. I really didn’t know during all that time how I could use it to get traffic to my blog.

I have been reading a lot of articles online to find out how I can utilize Twitter to benefit my blog in some way. I will say that I have found that if you work Twitter, you will notice a big difference.

I want to share with you what I have done for my blog to get more Traffic from Twitter and even more followers.

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