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4 Tips to Taking Back the Heart and Happy Habit of Blogging

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For most blogging beginners, writing posts is an escape to a happy place of self expression. While the same can be true for seasoned pros, it’s also easy to get caught up in the “musts” and the “have-tos” and before you know it, you’re not blogging for you anymore! This blogger shares four tips for taking back the heart of your blog.

Blog Tips | Take back the heart of your blog, and fall back in love with blogging again with these four tips.

4 Tips to Taking Back the Heart and Happy Habit of Blogging

I work as a blog coach for women and mom bloggers for about five years now, and through the years I’ve witnessed both flourishing and flailing blogs. We’ve all heard the stories about bloggers burning out, taking sabbaticals, some even outright quitting their blogs. What with brands, sponsorships, and social media changing the scope of blogs as we know it, many bloggers are bound to struggle with the rapid changes, and even stop blogging because of them. One blogger I spoke with even thought of quitting because she felt like brands were acting like they “owned” the bloggers, which made it difficult for her to be truly authentic with her articles.

And this is really the struggle for many bloggers: to maintain an authentic voice amidst the glitz of brand endorsements and socially-savvy influencers. How can a blogger go back to the HEART of blogging, where stories, feelings and emotions were what brought readers to her? And yet, how can bloggers still maintain a living out of their blogs, but retain their unique voice, their stories, their connections with their readers?

So to start the blog year afresh, here are 4 tips to taking our blogs back: how we can still love our blogs, love our readers, and go back to a more simple, happy habit of blogging with heart.

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