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5 Tasks Top Bloggers Do at the Beginning of Every Month

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It is the start of a new month and so it is a beginning of sorts to all things – and that includes your blog. Fresh month and fresh new ideas! With each new calendar month also comes the chance to close the previous month. Find out 5 tasks that top bloggers do at the beginning of every month! 

5 Tasks Top Bloggers Do at the Beginning of Every Month

So with the close of the previous month comes the need to do some light housekeeping. And also with the beginning of a new month, one needs to plan ahead as well. This cycle applies to life in general, but also to blogging. At the beginning of every month, there are several planning tasks that top bloggers do to keep on top of their game. There are certain things I do at the beginning of every new month for my blog. What are the tasks I attend to every new month on my blog?

5 Tasks Top Bloggers Do at the Beginning of Every Month

1. Tis the Season.

Very often it’s the start of a new season when the calendar flips to a new month. If it isn’t, you may very well be knee-deep in a season. Still, you want to brainstorm for the month or even months ahead. That is why the beginning of a new month is the perfect time to work on your upcoming editorial calendar for the current month, as well as thinking ahead to the next month. Seasonally speaking with blogging, a rule of thumb is to have your editorial content calendar loosely plotted out three months out, which is usually a full season. So that is why I stress seasonal content planning at the start of every new month.

2. Fast Front Page Facelift.

With every new month comes not only working on editorial content, but also dealing with your blog’s front page. The beginning of the month is the perfect time to update your blog’s front page. It doesn’t have to be a significant makeover, by any means. However, you should make sure that the front page is reflective of the current season. So if you have a slider, you will want to change the slider content to reflect the month’s appropriate content. For example if it is October, include Halloween and even fall-related material in your slider. Also, this is the time to make sure your ads on your front page are up-to-date for the month ahead, as well.

3. Keep it Current.

Next on my monthly to-do list is working on my media kit. See your media kit should be as current as possible because when clients and companies want to work with you, they want your most up-to-date stats on your blog and social networks too. The start of a new month is the perfect time to update your own media kit with your current numbers across all channels. This is a total top bloggers tip!

4. However, Look Back.

Even though your blog’s information should be current at the beginning of the month, another month just ended. If you make money or pay out of pocket for your blog, then you must keep a record of all of this. The beginning of any new calendar month is the perfect time to look back on the past month. While looking back, you can balance your numbers for both income and expenses at this time.

5. But, Also Look Ahead.

Not only should your blog be current and your numbers balanced from the past month, but you also want to have a future forecast for your budget. So now at the beginning of the month, it’s also the optimal time to forecast and budget ahead for all your future income and expenses too.

Now that you got the skinny on what blog tasks need to be dealt with at the beginning of every new month, go forth and work on ticking those tasks off for this month.

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What blog tasks do you work on at the beginning of each month?


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