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When it comes to designing your blog, your mission is to put together the best blog design for you and your readers. What works for one website may be great, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the exact same design details will work for someone else.

It’s best to understand how the different pieces and parts of a blog design work together to create a place on the web that is uniquely you.

Free Printable: Blog Design Tips | Take your blog design to the next level with these tips, and a printable that will help you organize your design choices.

Blog Design Tips

Over the past few weeks, we’ve covered the different elements that go into great design, breaking down the anatomy of the perfect blog.

Today, we’re taking this information one step further and creating a visual summary of how all these details work together.

important aspects of blog design

Each section of the graphic pertains to a post on design we’ve recently published, including:

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Why stop at simply pinning our basics of blog design graphic when you can download it to your computer absolutely FREE?

As an added bonus, we embedded links to all of the relevant posts we’ve published explaining each section of a blog. It is a beautiful, clickable summary…all for you.

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Last month we created a checklist on how to start a blog. Go ahead and click the link to download for free!