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Being Content with your Blog

By Dec 14, 20143 Comments

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Do you have goals for your blog? It is great to know what you want, and have a plan for getting there. Follow that plan. Reach for your dream. But don’t make stress your partner in this journey.

Learning how to be content with your blog

I Learned To Be Content With My Blog And Stop Stressing

Contentment is something that I have struggled with in my personal life for years. I’m constantly working on being content and even happy where I am in life, regardless of if there are things I still desire or not. Yes, I want a house with a yard for my kids, but I’m content and thankful for the apartment we are in now.

I find with blogging, I face a similar problem. This time last year I had the idea in my mind that if I could just start averaging 1,000 views a day I’d be happy. That number was so huge to me, I thought I would be completely thrilled and content when I made it. But then I reached it, and I just started wanting more. Wishing for 2,500 views a day and then when I reached that yearning for 5,000. Each milestone that I hit leaves me hoping for more, striving for it and yes, even stressing over it.

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