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Blog Checklist: 9 Things Every Blog Should Have

By May 23, 2013July 8th, 201423 Comments

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Do you ever sit and stare at your blog, wondering what you could do to make it better? What if you had a blog checklist or a list of suggestions to make your blog better? Having a checklist to read over will let you easily see if you are doing some of the key things that every blog needs to do and/or have.

9 Things Your Blog Needs

Have you ever thought about what makes a blog site a place you like to visit? More importantly, on a regular basis? Aside from their content of course because this can vary from person to person depending on what topics appeal to them most. With that said, let’s discuss website design, layout, and what widgets and/or design aspects make a site user friendly, easy to navigate, visually stimulating, and engaging. I have a few in mind and I’d like to share them with you today.

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