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How To Blog While Holding Down A Full-Time Job

By Jan 21, 20166 Comments

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Next month will be 11 years since I started blogging. Several years ago, my blog started bringing in some income and I began treating it like part-time job. You see, I have a full-time job and a growing family. I also have freelance clients…and a blog.

My husband will agree that sometimes my blog feels more like a full-time job. I love writing for my site (otherwise, I would have shut it down years ago). I’ve worked this past year to re-focus and cut back on the nonsense work, but still make blogging fun for me. It is possible to keep keep your blog and you job, and I’m going to share some of things that are working well for me.

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How To Blog While Holding Down A Full-Time Job

1. Create an editorial calendar for your blog. While it’s nice to have a schedule of posts for the month, it’s also nice just to be able to see what you have coming up in the next few weeks. I use an editorial calendar plug-in. Any time I have an idea for a post, I add it to my calendar. I may have upwards of 50 draft posts at any given time.

2. When the inspiration hits, write. I may only have 15 minutes to compose something – that doesn’t mean I’m going to write and publish an entire post in those 15 minutes.

3. Write early….or late. Can you wake up 30 minutes earlier to polish off blog posts and schedule? I know bloggers who wake about an hour before their schedules require them to be awake. They spend that hour working on blog posts and photos. I tend to write later in the evening after my son is in bed. Find the time that works best for you, and use it for your blog.

4. Schedule it. I schedule blogging into my weekend, primarily early in the morning or during my son’s nap time. If I’m on a roll, I can get at least two posts scheduled for the week. If you have a set lunch hour at your full-time job, use that hour for blogging. You can edit photos during that time. Or schedule social media posts.

5. Take a break. Sometimes what’s best for you and your blog (and your sanity) is stepping back and taking a break. I’ve had months where I blog every single day – and months where I barely get two posts up in a week. You have to allow yourself time away.

Do you have a full-time job in addition to blogging?
How do you find that perfect balance?

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  • I find blogging can easily take over your life. I have a full time job and I teach fitness classes and mentor a few side clients on top of blogging and sometimes I’m totally burnt out over it, but other times the community is sooo good that it’s like a drug that keeps me pushing for more! Love it!

  • Wow…I’m impressed! I took a full time teaching job while another teacher is on maternity leave and I’m finding it very hard to get everything done (not to mention exhausting). I’d love to know what editorial calendar plug-in you use..I definitely need something like that to better manage my time!

  • I teach full-time and do online teaching in the evenings. I just launched my blog a couple of weeks ago and am trying to find time in between to write posts. I have several ideas of posts, just need to carve out time to get them typed out in between work, a toddler and an infant!

  • Wow! Congrats on 11 years! I just started my blog almost 6 months ago. It definitely took over my life because I love it and there is so much to learn! Now I am getting better at scheduling and writing posts in advance.

  • I have a part-time job, I blog part-time and I get to stay at home with my kids the rest of the time. I love all three of my “jobs” but finding a balance between all of them has been a struggle. I love the idea of getting up a little earlier in the morning–I’m going to try that! Thanks for the great tips!

  • Laina Turner says:

    You are right about scheduling being key. If you don’t make time it’s too easy for it not to happen.