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5 Blog Rules Thou Shalt Not Break

By Feb 5, 2013July 8th, 201421 Comments

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5 blog rules all bloggers should follow is a must read with simple tips to gain search engine visibility and win over readers with every blog post.

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Blog Rules All Bloggers Should Follow

You’ve probably heard the phrase “serving two masters” and how it’s impossible to do. In most cases it’s true that you’re better off to not even try.

When it comes to blogging, however, you do have two masters—your readers and the search engines—and you have to please them both.

Your words must resonate with your readers and have them coming back for more. Your posts must be optimized so search engines know what you’re writing about so you can get more traffic. Neglecting one master or the other means your blog is underperforming.

So how do you simultaneously serve your readers and the search engines without losing your mind?

A few simple blog rules are all you need to make your posts shine for readers and search engines. You, as the writer, have more power than you know.

Keep these five blog rules in mind for your posts…

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