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How to Avoid Blogging Burnout

By Feb 18, 20162 Comments

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After blogging professionally for eight years, I know all about blogging burnout. It’s happened to me many times! Sometimes it happens because you feel like you’re spinning your wheels without any progress. Sometimes it happens because the negatives outweigh the positives. Sometimes it happens because your non-blogging life has gotten chaotic and infringed upon your work time. No matter what the reason, these strategies will help you avoid blogging burnout.

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How To Avoid Blogging Burnout

1. Walk Away

Literally. Get outside for some fresh air and a long walk. Get a change of scenery and get your mind off of blogging for a bit. Getting off the computer is a healthy habit to engage in regularly, so plan some outdoor time in your schedule occasionally instead of being forced into it by burnout. And consider have scheduled offline time; some bloggers take the weekends completely off, not just from blogging but from all the social media that goes with it. I’ve taken week-long vacations with the family with no internet (!). It was wonderful to re-engage in books, drawing, and lots of off-line endeavors. You’ll find that it brings you back more focused and ready to work.

2. Review Your Goals

Are you always busy, feel like you’re working all the time, but you’re not getting anywhere? Too many days, weeks, and months of that can lead to burnout. Review your blog business plan or goals and make sure that you’re filling your schedule with the activities that actually help you reach those goals. Setting limits—for the types of sponsored posts you’ll do, for your rates, or for the time you spend on social media—help give you a structure to stick to. Remember that saying “no” can open up your time and energy for the next “yes.”

3. Get Re-Inspired

Get excited again about your blog! Think about why you started, and look over positive emails and comments sent from readers and other bloggers (I print mine out and have them on the bulletin board over my desk). You can also get inspired by trying something new. Take a class. Join a Facebook support group and meet some new people. Take some time to focus on something other than your niche—whether it’s a book, music, or something else that brings you joy.

4. Outsource

If you’re starting to feel stressed from blogging, consider where you can ask for help. Many bloggers use a VA (virtual assistant) to help with social media scheduling, link promotion, email organization, and more. Can someone in your family (teen, young adult, or spouse) help you with your invoicing, paper organization, or photo editing? Would accepting guest posts or contributors help you achieve your blog’s editorial calendar goals? 2016 is my year for outsourcing; I’ve written out what tasks I am good at and/or enjoy and am hiring help with the rest. That frees up my time and energy to do more of what I love (and what brings in income).

Over the years I’ve been blogging, it has taken me a while to learn to implement these strategies before getting burnt out. After some trial and error, I now incorporate all of them into my schedule and enjoy weeks of non-blogging time in the summer (to enjoy my kids at home) and regular holidays and vacations so I don’t feel like my work time and family time are competing.

What do you do to avoid blogging burnout?

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