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Blogging Organization For Visual Types

By Aug 26, 20157 Comments

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We all know how important an editorial calendar is, but do you struggle with finding just the right format to suit your blogging needs? I have been experimenting with a new format for my blogging organization, and I’m more productive and on top of my deadlines.

Blogging Organization | Blogging Tips | When you have sponsored post deadlines, monthly goals, and other things planned in advance for your blog, you have to get organized. There are a lot of planners out there, but this is a system you can build yourself that is perfect for people who like physical notes and being able to see everything at a glance.

Blogging Wall Planner For Visual Types

I have tried all kinds of different blogging planners. I enjoy using the editorial calendar taught in Content Brew, but I also like to have notes and a schedule visible to me at all times. An electronic planner can be easily forgotten. Same with a printed blogging binder. So I decided to make my own wall planner.

There are lots of choices out there to organize your blogging information and inspiration. For visual types, a blogging board is a great way to go.

I whipped up an inexpensive oversize bulletin board out of foam core insulation covered with pretty linen fabric. It’s light as a feather and tons of room for me to hang all kinds of notes, schedules, reference materials and such. Occasionally, my board gets hijacked by a 4 year old with a love for painting.

I wanted an easy way to keep track of:

  • blog posts in progress and scheduled
  • upcoming deadlines
  • a cheatsheet of colors, fonts, and sizes I use on my blog
  • goals for the week and month (get a couple of free printable blogging checklists here)

Go old school with 3x5 cards and pens to write down your ideas and goals.

Keeping things simple

To keep my time focused on revenue-producing activities I didn’t want to stop and print something to add it to my board. Instead, I turned to index cards. With some pretty pens and a stack of cards, adding a blog post to my schedule takes seconds. When my post is written and ready for photos, I just move it over to the Photos column.

Blank note cards.

The thumbtacks and cards have a fun kind of retro feel. They keep me from agonizing over getting my board to look perfect. Perfectionism is not productive! When a post is finished, I add it to a stack of finished cards. It’s motivating to see that stack grow!

With my calendar in front of me while I work, I stay focused.

And having my goals and to-do’s there as well keeps the big picture in view. Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in the details and forget about the long term, isn’t it?

Close up of a blogging board - this is a great way to organize your blog if you are a visual person.

Advantages of this visual planning method:

  • It’s inexpensive and quick to set up. I think I paid $8 for the board and $20 for the fabric.
  • It discourages perfectionism.
  • It keeps your notes in view but not messy.
  • Physically rearranging the calendar provides a tactile experience that I find easier than doing on the computer.
  • It sets a professional mood for your workspace.

Disadvantges of this method:

  • You need some wall space (or your board will have to be able to be stowed away)
  • You can only hold so much detail. If you want your notes to be lengthy, you may prefer an electronic version (or use both!)
  • Thumbtacks are a hazard for small children and bare feet.
  • If you allow too many things on your board, you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t let this happen!

If you don’t have a dedicated office space, you can even create a portable board that folds up and stores out of the way.

I still use an electronic planner with more notes and longer term deadlines, but for a month at a glance, my wall board is the perfect solution!

Do you use a wall planner to plan your blogging work?

Share your photos on social media with the hashtag #visualblogplanner – I’d love to see them!

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  • Veronica says:

    I’ve been wanting to do a wall board for so long. I know it’s the only way for me to get organized, but I have zero wall space. Ugh!

    • Hey Veronica,

      You can make one that folds up and stores out of sight! Craft stores sell science fair display boards that would be perfect!

  • I love your simple system! I love planning my days out (its part of my blog name), but I feel limited with regular paper planners because there is never enough space for me to write all my ideas/thoughts! Ditto, electronic planners. I think this would help me keep all my tasks in order. From one wahm to another, I say THANK YOU!

    • Sarah Mueller says:

      Hi Linda,

      Thank you so much for your note! I’m so glad you liked my system. Let us know if you try it out 🙂

  • Andrea says:

    Thank you! I’ve been contemplating using a wall planner for several months, but (as usual) hadn’t actually got around to doing anything about it. I even have an old corkboard lying around here somewhere, doing nothing. This has given me some ideas and motivation to get me started.

    • Sarah Mueller says:

      Awesome, Andrea! You’ll love this method! Share a pic when you get it up – I’d love to see it. 🙂