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What Is Your Blogging Personality?

By Nov 12, 20153 Comments

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If you’re anything like…ahem, a friend of mine, you spend an embarrassing amount of hours online each day. You might even enjoy taking the various “Which _____ fits your personality” tests that can be found all over the place. But have you ever thought about your blogging personality?

Personality is a fascinating topic of study for this Psychology graduate. I’ve often questioned whether I chose that major to better understand myself or to psychoanalyze those around me. Whichever the reason, I’m a firm believer that self-analysis can lead to a better understanding of why you make the decisions that you do. You can take the popular Myers-Briggs type indicator here to learn more about your own personality style. Then, see if it matches up with your blogging style!

A fun look at how your personality fits with your writing style to form your blogging personality!

What Is Your Blogging Personality?

For a writer, figuring out the “whys” of your writing style might unlock potential words, sentences, and posts you never even knew were there. Think about your writing and consider…

How do you feel when you’re done writing?

Do you gain lots of energy from writing and interacting with your readers? Do you end up having long conversations with people that jump from Facebook to Instagram? Do you constantly see connections between a story you read here and a gif you saw over there? Are you completely wired after a Twitter chat? Then you’re probably an extroverted writer. You gain energy from your writing and use it as a way of connecting with others.

Do you write because it gives you peace and helps you to understand yourself and your world better? Do you have close friends you interact with on a regular basis? Do you love the written word, love having conversations with readers, but feel somewhat drained afterwards? You might be an introverted writer. Writing is necessary for personal reflection, but it tends to wear you out.

How do you get material for your posts?

Do you create recipes, blogging templates, craft DIYs? Do most of your posts come from personal experiences or random thoughts floating around in your head? Do your inbound search terms look like “ways to cook asparagus,” “how to style an a-line skirt,” or “nursery dresser redo?” You are likely an intuitive writer. Intuitive writers gather information internally or from within themselves.

Other writers do research and compile factual data to pass along. Do you write tutorials and how-tos? Are you the one passing along the latest safety details or expert opinions? Do people come to your blog for instructions on how to update a plug-in? If this is you, you have a sensing writing style. Sensing writers find and pass along information from the outside world.

How often do you write?

Maybe you have an editorial calendar with posts plugged in from now until the end of the year. Maybe you enjoy blog series and are always working on your next one. Does seeing someone do something the “wrong” way immediately make you want to write a post about the correct way to do something? If this is you, you are a thinking writer.

Maybe your editorial calendar has vague themes written across each month. Or you have a list of half thought out post ideas that you’ll come back to when the mood strikes. Are you often inspired to write “rebuttal” posts after reading about someone else’s opinion? If you have a more laid-back approach and tend to blog whenever the mood strikes, you are a feeling writer.

What is your writing process?

Do you put together a post outline? Create a bulleted list to organize the information you want to pass along? Do you have the beginning, middle, and end planned out before you start typing? This is the judging approach to writing. You have a very systematic path to your writing and your posts all follow a similar plan.

Maybe you sit down to the computer, start writing, and then see where the words take you. You don’t necessarily have a concrete plan in mind, but you’ll know when you’re done and your writing will have told a story. If you tend to “go with your gut” and make decisions based on emotion, you are a perceiving writer.

None of these types are good or bad. In fact, we all fall somewhere on the continuum for all of them. Your personality, and therefore your writing style, might lean more towards one end of the spectrum, but we all embody pieces of each style. Your process can also grow and change and you yourself grow and change; as a person and as a writer.

To be honest, I am usually a “feeling” writer and most of my writing tends to be stream of consciousness style. However, when the mood strikes (or the assigning editor calls) I can usually put together a (hopefully) well-researched, heading-using, logical post.

Share your blogging personality in the comments! We want to know!

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