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Bloggy Tip Number One

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Okay, so we thought it would be fun to run through some crucial blogging tips this week and then we’ll resume our featured bloggers on January 2nd.  
The first one is near and dear to our hearts.  It’s leaving a return email.  It’s easier than you think and takes commenting back to a whole new level.  
The first thing you need to do is open an email account just for your blog.   It’s free to do through Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail.  Easy Peasy.  Why open an email account just for your blog? Well, it’s kind of nice to keep it separate from your personal email account.  This is your blog and if people are reading it, you need to treat it a little like a business.  It’s not a “have to”, it’s just a suggestion.  
Now, go into your profile page and choose “edit your profile”.   Check the box that says “show my email address”.  Then, on that same page under Identity, type in your email where it says “Email address”.  
What happens is when you leave someone a comment and blogger puts your comment into THEIR email account, all they have to do is hit reply and they can send a response into YOUR email account.  Sometimes it’s nice to reply to someone’s comment specifically instead of going to their blog and leaving them a random comment to a question they might have asked on your blog.  Clear as mud?  
Having a bloggy email address is nice if someone wants to ask you a specific question and this is why we say that a separate email address is nice.  It ups the privacy factor just a little more. Your personal email address might contain your last name and that’s risky to put out for everyone to see.  
And, as always, when you see this:


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