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Bloggy Tip Number Two

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Today’s bloggy tip doesn’t have as much to do with etiquette.  Instead, it’s just a helpful bloggy hint.  
Your blog is your world…your space…your platform to say whatever it is that you want the universe to hear.  This is a heady freedom that sometimes can produce long winded posts.  
It’s always good when you have alot to say to break down your posts into paragraphs.  It allows your readers’ eyes to rest between major points and kind of organizes your thoughts.  Plus, opening a blog and seeing a post a mile long can be daunting.  
Think of it like reading a book.  The pages are broken into paragraphs and spaces.  The words take on a life of their own.  They aren’t built into one solid block of print.  
And along these same lines, consider enlarging your font size: 
When you are composing a post, you’ll see two tabs sticking out of the right hand corner of the screen.  They say “Edit Html” and “Compose”.  You need to click on the “Compose” tab to do this next part.  In the “Compose” screen there is a little menu at the top and one of the buttons in that menu has a little T with a big T right next to it.  If you click on that button, it gives you several font size options.  We like the “Large” sized font, but “Normal” would work well too.  The bigger the words, the easier it is to read.  
There are lots of fun buttons in this menu, so play around and have fun.  
And, as always, when you see this:


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  • Thanks for the reminder, ladies! It’s so easy to get caught up in “sharing ” that grammar and punctuation are too often ignored

  • I’m on the free WordPress platform. Can’t seem to find this font size option… Would very much like to increase the size a tad, though. Any hints/tips?

  • Shannon King says:

    Oh I like this tip! Bless you gals…thanks!

  • AE says:

    Guess I’m not as new as I thought to blogging, I’ve already made it a point to use the “large” font and definitely agree on no lengthy paragraphs stating blah blah blah. Thanks for the tips, AE