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How to Boost Your Social Influence

By Apr 28, 2015No Comments

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Boosting your social influence is not something that can happen overnight, but with some thoughtful work you will be well on your way to becoming an influential blogger. You can make your social media efforts really work for you and this blogger share some great tips how. Read on to find out more!
Social media influence isn't just about the numbers - it is about who follows you and how much attention they are paying to the things you put out there. Learn how to boost your influence so you can rock the social media space.

How to Boost Your Social Influence

Five years ago the more followers and fans you had on social media, the better. It was a numbers game. Numbers meant that you were someone influential. How things have changed. Social influence is no longer measured in quantity. Today this important metric is all about quality, particularly the quality of your engagement. How are you effecting others’ emotions? When you post an update on Facebook, do your followers comment in droves? Do they share your tweets like they’re on crack? Are they interested in your product and service recommendations? If so, you just might be influential.

Some of the best-known influencers include people like Oprah, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Guy Kawasaki. When they recommend something, people flock to buy these items which include everything from books and tech gadgets to airline services and more. They have the uncanny ability to influence.

Influence is important in the world of blogging, too, because it helps deliver eyeballs to your posts and also catch the attention of advertisers and sponsors. Social influence can propel you from just another name in the crowd to an expert, a leader, or a top blogger.

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