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Bring Your Logins Under Control

By Jun 9, 2015No Comments

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Do you need some help keeping your logins under control? With your email, blogging platform, and social media accounts alone, you’ve got a LOT of passwords to remember, especially if you’re changing them regularly! This blogger feels your password pain and has come up with a great solution to keeping your logins accessible and organized.

logins under control

Bring Your Logins Under Control

It’s not until you start blogging that you realise how many logins are necessary to conduct any form of business online.

Once you begin creating unique usernames and passwords for dozens of different sites it becomes an impossibility to remember them all.

When you have a family, remembering those logins takes on another dimension.

Should anything happen to you, you need a way to let them know where your internet interests exist and how to access them. This is particularly the case if you have monetized any of your online assets.

In this post The Blogzilla provides a free editable, printable login tracker to help you stay in control of your logins.

And best of all, you don’t need to login to access it!

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