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#SITS31DBBB: Can You Find the Spam Blog Comment?

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blog comment spamIt’s Day 20 of our Problogger Summer Challenge in the forum. Today is all about commenting on blogs, which is something we take very seriously in these parts.

Blog comments are the primary reason why The SITS Girls was founded. Three years ago, blog commenting and social media isn’t what it is today.  To find other bloggers in the same niche was a bit more of a challenge.  Thus, the idea for this website was born and SITS became a place for bloggers to connect via blog comments.

Since that time, blog comments and the posts published about how to comment {and how not to comment} have come fast and furious.  There is a ton of information on the web that can help to make commenting on blogs a successful strategy to build your readership.

Here are a few of my favorites…

The key to a successful blog comment strategy is simple: be relevant, add value, and be consistent.  Doing so ensures that your blog comments are not mistaken for spam and deleted, thereby negating the time and effort that you’ve spent on a website or blog.

The tricky part is ensuring that your blog comment stays out of a spam filter.  Separating the “real comments” from the spam is not always an easy task.  Sometimes, a blog comment may seem incredibly relevant, but when you click over to look at the referring link, you might second guess yourself.

Let’s play a little game.  Here are a few examples of recent blog comments we’ve received.  Would you approve these on your blog?  Why or why not?

1.Blog comments that appear relevant, but the linked page is questionable:

From Free-Form Rainbow Lollipops:

My two youngest (ages 8 and 4) would love doing this. What would be really good to, would be to sprinkle nerds on them as well. Or any candy for that matter. Thanks for sharing!

2. Super short blog comments, such as:

:D OR Hi

3. The call to action blog comment:

Thank you for this post! I LOVED it. It is super relevant to what I am writing about on my own blog. You should really find me on Facebook because our opinions are sooo similar!

4. The great blog comment, with the not-so-great gravatar:

blog comment spam
Wow! I love this post. Your tips on how to use Google Keywords effectively for SEO is really going to help me out on my blog. Thanks for the good piece of advice.

5. The curiously vague blog comment:

Great post! I find the articles published on this website to be incredibly insightful. Please continue to publish more!

6. The personalized blog comment that you don’t really understand:

Hey sis… Yo, yo, yo… i b ur SITStah… no wait… Ur sister from another mother…? um err… … Why am i here… Mmm… Because i like U…. i like ur smile… i like ur great posts that are real and not scripted… okay so i think that…i was in lov wit U 4 ever

So, what do you do?  Leave a comment on this post and let’s discuss!

And Before You Go…

In the spirit of blog friendship and all that SITS represents, let’s keep blog commenting alive!  Below is a MckLinky.  If you are in a blog comment kinda mood today, link up your blog and then visit the two bloggers ahead of you in line.  Get to know someone new and leave a blog comment worth reading!

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