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20+ Fun Ways To Collaborate With Fashion Bloggers

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If you could hack my Google history you would see “how to collab with fashion bloggers” pop up frequently. The reason being is that so many of those blogging how-to posts on the internet encourage you to work with bloggers and brands but then don’t tell you how to do it. How do you really collaborate with fashion bloggers? What the heck does that look like?!

Today I put on my blogging thinking cap and crafted up a whole list of ideas of how to get connected with other creative people of the internet.

More than 20 ideas to help you collaborate with fashion bloggers and work with brands! Use this list to plan your editorial calendar.

20+ Fun Ways To Collaborate With Fashion Bloggers

Work With Bloggers

  • Play stylists for each other in a blog post. Virtually flip through their closet and pull together a look for them to model in a blog post. You can see an example here.
  • Host a giveaway together. (You could also reach out to a brand to help sponsor a more elaborate prize.)
  • Create a link-up. This will not only allow you two to work together but give you a chance to reach out to even more bloggers. It’s a win-win!
  • Re-create an outfit from the other persons blog. Tell your readers about your inspiration and what you did to make it your own.
  • Create a handy guide in two parts. Post one half on your blog and the other half on your friend’s blog. You can get really creative coming up with something to entertain your readers! (Could also be used in more than two parts to include even more bloggers.)
  • Recreate the look of a celebrity/other inspiration. Instead of picking an outfit from the other blogger, decide on a celebrity or other source to be inspired by. Share with your readers your take on the look.
  • Use a quote from another blogger. If you have conflicting schedules and can’t work out a post together, even using a quote from another blogger is a small gesture and a way of getting their name on your blog.
  • Swap something using snail mail. So many amazing groups have created blogs using this concept. (I’m lookin’ at you, Shaped By Style!) Swap clothes, jewelry, or beauty products with one another to share in a post.
  • Host a fashion face-off. Pick a piece of clothing that you both have and style it on your blogs. This is double the dose of inspiration for your readers.
  • Interview one another. This is a great way to get to know each other and ask ridiculous questions like “Which candy bar describes your approach to blogging?”
  • Share a post on social media. Did you read something amazing from a blogger and just have to share it? Do it! Maybe the blogger will even return the kind gesture. Boom, you just made a connection!
  • Host a live web chat. Spend some time with your readers and a new friend by chatting live on the internet. This is great for epic Q&A sessions!

Looking for new bloggers to work with? Click here to find out where to find them.

Work With Brands

You’ve been contacted by a brand that wants to work with you but you have no idea what to do. Take it easy, I got you covered!

  • Create a day-to-night look. Showcase the longevity of a product by sharing with your readers how they can wear it now and later.
  • Style a product multiple ways. Show off the versatility of a single item by styling it for more than one outfit.
  • Write a review. You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ review post. Either ask for a physical product to review, talk about your first impression of the website, or some other creative post. If you’re especially outgoing, you could also make a video review. Here’s an example using a cute scarf.
  • Host a giveaway. Contact the company and ask if they would sponsor a giveaway. This is better if you already have a good relationship with the PR person.
  • Ask for a discount code. Some brands look down on small bloggers but I’ve had great success in asking for a discount code to share with my readers. Plus, it gets your foot in the door by exchanging some e-mails. You have to start somewhere!
  • Conduct an interview. Forget asking for products, get down to the nitty gritty of a website and ask for an interview. Talk to the owner (great for Etsy crafters!), web designers, or other people of importance. Really get to know their job!
  • Create a shopping guide. It cost you nothing at all to use a product image (except a link back) in a shopping guide or other round-up style post. Be sure to clue the company in to what you do. They may even want to sponsor an entire post for you if they like what they see!
  • Create a haul video. If you’re good with video making, create a haul video for a brand. This doesn’t even have to be sponsored as you may already be a big shopper at one particular store and have a lot to share from them.
  • Create a lookbook video. Break out your camera again and use your styling magic to put together a video of different outfits.

Work In Real Life

Do you live in an area populated with bloggers? Here’s some IRL collab ideas.

  • Host an event. Devote an entire afternoon to catching up with your favorite bloggers by hosting a swap party, a lunch outing, a workshop, or other type of get together.
  • Meet up for outfit photos. Give your tripods/S.O. a break and meet up with a blogger to take outfit photos. Bonus: They know the best lighting and are pros at getting the look from strangers.
  • Go shopping. Do some mall walking, window shopping, try on prom dresses, or whatever you can think of when the two of you get together for shopping.
  • Plan a reader meet-up. Get your readers involved by hosting an event for everyone to meet and greet. (If it gets too big, be sure to ask for permission for wherever you’re meeting. A lot places have their limits.)

Feel free to leave me your ideas in the comments. I’d love to read them and add them to my list!

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