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Google Plus Basics: What You Need to Know

By Jan 17, 2014July 9th, 201412 Comments

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Google+ is more than just another social media platform! If you haven’t taken the time to learn Google +, now is the time. Google+ is very similar to Facebook, but you know longer have to worry about how many people are seeing your updates. Google+ will also help your blog posts come up in the search engines.  Below you will find several tips that will help you use Google+ more effectively.

How to Use Google +

How to Use Google Plus to Benefit Your Blog

Everyone has heard that G+ is all the rage, but before you jump on the bandwagon shouldn’t you know why you’re going there? Google Plus is about reaching a whole new audience that you never even knew it existed. You just need to understand how to use the platform in order to find that audience. If you made the goal to grow in 2014 then use G+ to help you.

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  • Mike Howg says:

    The amount of Google +1′s that you have also impacts your site ranking in searches. Having more +1′s on your posts will make your blog appear higher in search results.

  • Amaia says:

    I started re-using G+ a month ago and now, I find it much more interesting than Facebook. G+ doesn’t get that personal, you learn a lot of tips and get connected to wonderful and smart people. And it is good for SEO!

  • Alison says:

    Thank you for this post!!!

  • Kemya Scott says:

    I was active on Google Plus when it first launched, then left it alone. I’ve been looking for some resources to learn more about it, so thanks for sharing this. I needed it!

  • Teri says:

    If I understand some other stuff about Google+ if I have gmail, now anyone in the entire google+ world (not just my circle but ANYWHERE) can email me directly. Just by typing in my name and doing a search. I am not so sure I like that. I have a hard enough time keeping spam out of my inbox. Also, if I make a comment on a youtube it automatically goes out into my google+ circle which includes people that I didn’t invite and therefore don’t really know that I would include them in all my activities. Taking away my choices. I may not want my husband to know that I am making comments on a Youtube about how to hide a dead body….I am new to this stuff too but I would like to know more because I do see how google+ could increase my readership. Thanks!

  • Patty says:

    Thanks for this helpful post! Just set up authorship after reading this!

  • Growing my Google + circles as we speak, but there is never enough info out there on how to. I’m glad to have come across this post!

  • I said ‘Yes, I need this!’ as soon as I saw the title! Thank heavens you guys are here to answer all of my unanswered questions. I’ve just started promoting my posts on Google + because people (friends/relatives) seem to be adding me to their circles, and I figured why not? Heading over to check out the article now!

  • Trish says:

    I needed this article too! G+ is a platform I haven’t really understood.

  • I needed this article! I’m not on Google Plus but still have SO many questions about it!