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She Says, She Says: Holiday Posts – Good or Bad Idea?

By Nov 23, 2011 January 30th, 2015 57 Comments

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With Halloween, Thanksgiving, the various December holidays, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day happening in rapid-fire succession, it can leave bloggers with a dilemma: to do some holiday writing for your blog, or not?

To post or not to post on a holiday?


The Upside To Holiday Posts

I’ve always looked at holiday posts as sort of a virtual greeting card for readers. I recall visiting many blogs last year on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (during some downtime) and getting a warm and fuzzy feeling inside seeing all of the lovely sentiments bloggers were sharing with their readers.

I liked seeing photos of Christmas trees, or kids opening presents, or mouthwatering turkey dinners.

I liked being able to reach out to the people in blogging that matter to me and wish them a wonderful day.

And then when I skimmed Twitter, the same thing was happening. It felt like I was part of a huge cyber-holiday party.

The Downside To Holiday Posts

However, the few times I’ve posted on holidays myself, I’ve come away with mixed feelings about doing it:

  • Do my readers really want to see a post from me on the holiday, at which point they might feel obligated to come by and comment and leave some well wishes?
  • Will I be sad if I wish everyone a happy holiday and…<gasp> no one actually reads the post?
  • Am I just creating more stress for myself by having to write a holiday post – no matter how short it is?

So we want to hear from you: Will you do a Thanksgiving post tomorrow? What about a holiday post for Christmas or Hanukkah? Do you think they are a nice gesture and/or just not worthwhile given how busy everyone is on a holiday?

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  • Megan says:

    I have our Christmas card photo prepped to publish on Christmas. I did something similar for Thanksgiving. My readership was SUPER low that weekend (I didn’t promote, and less people online) but at least it was there! My blog is just about life, so I have lots of Christmas-y posts, because that’s what we’re doing these days.

  • beckykid says:

    Every Thursday I try to do a ‘thankful on Thursdays’ post anyway – so I continued my tradition & made it a special thanks this year 🙂

  • I post on a wide variety of holiday related subjects – where to save money, freebies (like the recent American Express freebie for Shop Small Saturday), children’s gift ideas, yummy recipes, winter gift ideas (since I live in Colorado and love winter sports), favorite books, travel tips, dealing with confrontational family members and calming ideas with specifics to help women stay centered and selfish (it’s important to remember yourself during it all) so you can actually enjoy the holidays. And I’m writing and scheduling posts so a week or two before Christmas I can slow down and merely read and respond to comments – the fun part – the community. This is my first holiday with The Empty Nest Mom blog so I’ll see how it goes. And as I’m reading other blogs with holiday posts I enjoy them – so hands down – I say thumbs up to them.

  • Anne Galivan says:

    An actual holiday post…no. I do post holiday-related posts between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year I published a post on tips for surviving grief during the holidays and it was one of my most trafficked posts of the year. I just recently published a post on gift ideas for kids that I think is especially good.

    As far as the holiday itself, I guess I assume everyone is as busy as me! I had to laugh though, when I read your concern that your readers might feel “obligated” to comment on your post. I can assure you my readers do not feel obligated to comment based on the dearth of comments on my blog the last few months. But people are still reading so I keep writing!

  • I say…write a post the day before a holiday…then take a few days off…or even a week. That way…your peeps can stop by whenever they want…during the holiday week…and read at their leisure.

    I enjoy reading holiday posts…but usually end up reading them a few days after the “real holiday.” 🙂

  • Alissa says:

    I love reading blog posts about the holidays, but I never choose to do one myself. Maybe this will be the year I can pull it all together.

  • I did my regularly scheduled linky party on Thanksgiving since I do it every Thursday. However, I didn’t go out of my way to do anything holiday-related, since my blog focuses on what I actually eat, when I eat it. I don’t make thanksgiving recipes weeks in advance, so I didn’t do any thanksgiving recipes in anticipation of the holiday.