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How To Find Your Unique Blogging Voice

By Jun 26, 20162 Comments

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What is your blogging voice? It’s recommended that the voice you write in mirrors the voice you speak in. While speaking doesn’t require much thought, writing seems to leave you searching for the “right” way to phrase something. Today’s blogger has some great tips for finding the right, unique voice for your blog.

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How To Find Your Unique Blogging Voice

Whether you are a beginner blogger or have been blogging for some time, the key to your success lies within your ability to create a unique online presence. One way to do that is to find your blogging voice. Reading through blog posts, the one piece of advice you see over and over again is “Write how you speak”. It sounds easy doesn’t it? But because you are so connected to yourself, sometimes it is difficult to know how to do that.

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  • Thank you for posting the link to this great article. I’m already a fan of Elena’s but I think everyone can learn from her ideas. My favorite in this list is, “Don’t think each of your posts have to be epic!” Isn’t that the truth? I have over 300 posts on my blog after doing it for four years and it would be impossible for them all to be epic. Besides, I think didn’t issues or ideas appeal to different people at different times. Best to stay true to yourself like Elena says.