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How to Craft an Intriguing Elevator Pitch For Your Blog

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The typical elevator pitch goes like so:

I help the blah blah blah do the blah blah blah… YAWN!

Does that sound like yours?

Are you excited about sharing your elevator speech, or do you drag your feet in those networking events hoping you’d never have to whip it out?

After spending 6 weeks agonizing over an elevator pitch, how many times have you actually used it?

Is whatever script you landed on so boring and formulaic that you’d rather dress like captain underpants than recite your elevator pitch that makes you sound like everybody else?

If so…

What’s wrong with the typical elevator pitch formula?

They talk about what you do, who you help, and what results you deliver.

Which is fine. BUT…

It doesn’t really answer “why YOU?” Who are YOU, really?

There are many people who do what you do, selling to the same market, delivering similar results.

It’s probably not your audience’s first rodeo. They’ve heard it all. How can you make a first impression that connects and resonates with them?

Elevator pitch, if done wrong, turns you into a COMMODITY.

If you say “I’m a health coach helping women lose weight” – you’re pitching yourself against ten thousand other health coaches and a million other “weight loss” solutions. Ouch.

Not a battle you want to fight.

Good news is…

I’ve 5 secret ingredients for elevator pitch that will make your audience perk up and pay attention.

Can you explain your blog or business in the time it takes to go up one floor in an elevator? With these tips, you can! Learn how to create an elevator pitch that intrigues your listeners and helps you stand out from the crowd.

How to Craft an Intriguing Elevator Pitch For Your Blog

We’ll be using my “elevator pitch” (I don’t use that term often – I deploy it in written form as much as verbally) as an example:

Intuitive Brainiac | Copywriting Alchemist :: transforming their big WHY into content that connects, resonates & converts for the Maverick-preneurs.

That’s 148 characters. I also have a version under 140 characters. Writing for a twitter bio is a great exercise in being succinct and to the point.

The 5 secrets to making your elevator pitch pop are…

1. Personality

Letting your personality shine through will help you stand out from the sea of sameness that is your competitors who work with the same people promising the same results.

I use the words “brainiac” and “alchemist” to communicate an aspect of my witty and irreverent personality, and how I see myself in the way I serve my clients.

Communicating your personality makes you look/sound like a HUMAN BEING and increases the trust factor, which lends well to building a relationship conducive to conversion.

Your elevator pitch doesn’t have to “pop and sizzle” – in fact, it can backfire if it doesn’t reflect who you are.

What are the words that ring true for you, so you feel confident and comfortable when you say them out loud?

2. Identity

Your elevator pitch needs to evoke an identity in your audience – essentially communicating that you work with people they aspire to become – to increase their desire to work with you.

I call my ideal clients “Maverick-preneurs” – because my gold star clients are fearless and innovative.

I want to work with clients who are ready to embark on an adventure of discovering their calling, and how they can show up fully in their business.

I want clients who are not afraid to have a point of view. Clients who are ready to step up and be seen/heard for their unique perspectives.

I don’t want to work with people who are complacent and want to stay within the boundary drawn in the sand by others.

This mindset means more to me than their conventional “job titles,” such as coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, or small business owners.

How can you evoke an identity in your audience so they get inspired to work with you?

3. Point-of-View and Value

Having a point-of-view is essential in anchoring your message and cultivating credibility.

Having a shared value is magnetic to your ideal clients.

How do you communicate your point-of-view and values in a short paragraph?

A lot of it lies in the words you use, and how you phrase your sentences.

I could easily just say “content that sells” and be done with it.

But for me and my ideal clients, we want our work to be MEANINGFUL.

I don’t want to work with people selling random cantaloupe widgets for a quick buck.

So instead I write “content that connects, resonates and converts” – reflecting my point-of-view that at the end of the day, sales and marketing is about a human being at one end and communication with another human being at the other end.

That phrase reflects my belief in HONEST MARKETING: our marketing needs to connect us with our audience and with our business, and it needs to resonate with our audience and more importantly, ourselves – in order to be effective.

Can you make a bold statement about your work that also reflect your beliefs and values?

4. Intrigue

People have an Internet Attention Span shorter than that of a goldfish (6 – 8 seconds) – you need to capture their attention and make them curious enough to find out more.

“Intuitive Brainiac” has gotten me quite a few podcast interview opportunities. The hosts always told me that when they saw that in my bio, they had to find out more.

It also naturally lead into my background and superpowers, which are pertinent to how I deliver results for my clients.

“Copywriting Alchemist” captures both the practical outcome and the “Midas touch”/ “everything comes into focus” kind of BAM! experience when clients go through my copywriting process.

It doesn’t mean you’ve to pull some stunt if it’s not your personality. The key is to find the words or a phase that appeal to your ideal clients while piquing curiosity.

How can you communicate why you’re different beyond a conventional “title?”

5. Power of Word Choice

A good elevator pitch is lean and mean. Cut the fluff – make every word count.

A mouthful is never sexy. It gives you more chances to babble, instead of sounding certain and confident.

What bugs me a whole lot is how everyone seems to start with “I help…”

It may make sense (especially for those in the “helping” profession), but it always feels “weak” to me. It doesn’t say a whole lot about YOU – everybody can go about having an intention of helping people.

Instead of “helping the Maverick-preneurs transform their WHY into content that connects, resonates and converts”, how about we just transform the WHY into meaningful communications and be done with it?

When you put together your elevator pitch, chew on every single word to make sure it packs a punch. Every word needs to add something new and relevant to the pot.

What makes you tick? What would evoke excitement in your ideal clients?

Does it make you feel confident when you say it out loud?

Does it give enough information to your audience for them to want to learn more?

Does it point to your values, POV and personality, enough to distinguish you from your competition so your audience would want to find out more?

These are the secrets to a powerful elevator pitch.

Author Bio: Ling
Intuitive Brainiac | Copywriting Alchemist. Through her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling helps the maverick-preneurs uncover, articulate & transform their WHY into content that connects, resonates and converts – by way of her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training and 10 years of experience in the online marketing industry. Get her brand new WEBSITE COPY ALCHEMY video here.

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