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JPEG vs PNG – Why Your Choice May Be Harming Your Blog

By Apr 29, 20152 Comments

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Everyone knows that you’ve got to have stellar blog images to capture people’s eyes, but what format should you save them as- jpeg vs png? Both formats have their merits, but which one really makes sense for you? This blogger shares the differences, some tools, and tips to help you make the right choice.

Do you know what kind of picture file you need to use when you upload photos to your blog? Learn everything you need to know about jpeg and png files so you can make the right choice.

JPEG vs PNG- Why Your Choice May Be Harming Your Blog

Creating gorgeous blog images is a crucial skill for bloggers. The perfect image can increase views to your blog, spread brand awareness and enhance your posts.

But did you know that if you choose the wrong format to save your images in you may be undoing all the effort you took to compose and edit that image?

You may in fact be doing harm to the blog you’re working so hard to promote.

In this post, The Blogzilla explains the difference between JPEGs and PNGs and which format is better for different types of images.

The Blogzilla also delves into page ranking, page speed and shares a few handy tools to help you see if your image formats are affecting your blog.

Read the full post here: JPEG vs PNG – Why Your Choice May Be Harming Your Blog



  • Oh, thanks for this! Never really gave photo type much thought, but will do so now. 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Hey Kelly!

      I didn’t either for quite some time after I started blogging. I was so focused on editing my blog images for pinability and findability I didn’t realise there was anything else to consider. I just used PNG because I thought it was better quality – judging from the images I’d been creating with lots of graphics.

      A few low test scores soon refocused me haha!