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LinkedIn: 5 Ways to Boost Your Brand Using LinkedIn!

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Knowing how to use LinkedIn properly can not only send more traffic to your blog, but help you build your brand!

You’re probably thinking that LinkedIn is for business professionals trying to get their resume out there. Yes, it is used for that purpose but it can also help you establish your own brand. Not only can you create a wonderful community on LinkedIn and network with like-minded individuals, but you can even land an awesome job in the process!

Are you interested in getting paid to blog, work as a social media manager or a community manager?  Maybe you want to gain more authority in your current niche. If so then LinkedIn is the place to be!

Using LinkedIN


5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using LinkedIn

Today we are giving you the top 5 ways to give your brand a boost using LinkedIn!

1. Update Your LinkedIn Profile:

Now this should go without saying but so many times you will find that people have not completed their profile. Having a blank profile on any social media platform could mean a missed opportunity. Take the time to make sure your profile stands out above the rest, there is nothing worse than losing someone’s interest before they have finished reading your profile.

Along with completing your profile make sure you have a great headshot. LinkedIn is not the place to put your cute blog button, if you want to be taken seriously make sure you putting your best foot forward.

2. Join Groups in Your Niche:

Just like on Facebook and Google + there are groups on LinkedIn. Take some time to find ones that fit with your own personal niche or career goals.

Once you have found a few groups in your niche make sure to actively participate. This is your time to shine and show other people you know your stuff.

Do not join a group just to link drop!

There is nothing wrong with adding your link when it brings value to the discussion but make sure it is helping someone.

Most importantly be professional! You never know who is watching you on LinkedIn, a possibly job connection or sponsor could be watching.

3. Use the Status Update Feature:

Now this is your time to link drop! Do you have a wonderful blog post or maybe you want your connections to take a specific action. LinkedIn allows you 148 spaces to get creative and draw people in for more! If you are a Twitter lover then this should not pose a problem for you.

Keep in mind that your profile is visible to any registered LinkedIn member, so once again keep it professional! LinkedIn isn’t the place to complain about your husband, kids, boss or anything else. Save those updates for Twitter.

4. Make Connections:

Making connections on LinkedIn is similar to following people on Twitter or Google +. The more people you are connected with the better chance you have of getting traffic to your site. Connect with other bloggers, past employers, people you hope to work with in the future and people you want to get to know. The more connections you have the better it is for your brand.

5. Use the Recommendations Feature:

This is a great way to establish your authority in a particular area. Do not be afraid to ask fellow bloggers, past employers or anyone else that knows you to give you a stellar recommendation. Recommendations are published on your LinkedIn profile and are a way for people to endorse your skills, work ethic or any other expertise you have. The more recommendations you have the more authority you display in your niche.

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  • Aceblink says:

    This site is nice to get backlink on our Website. This sites are good for SEO of small business.
    Web Design and Web Development

  • Thanks Corrigan. LinkedIn really has a high PR and you can get lucky in increasing your site ranking if you play it right way to get do follow links from LinkedIn

    Good Post

  • Love these! I’m a big fan of LinkedIn myself…I’ve been surprised at how many monetization opportunities have come my way through it! Off to tip this on Sverve now! {Are you on Sverve? I’d love to endorse you for social media!}

  • Jen says:

    I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn and have been helping clients use it more effectively. It’s been a terrific way for me to connect with people I’ve met locally. It’s also been amazing for reaching people all over the globe. I think it’s totally underutilized by most people.

  • Carli says:

    This post has come at a great time! I have managed to get over 1,000 connections in the last two months but now I don’t know what to do with them. I think I’ll start using the status more and I need to be more engaged in the groups I’ve formed. It’s just a matter of managing all the time the different social media platforms take.

  • Arun Singh says:

    Linkedin is a most famous social networking website and really it helps to promote our business online. Thanks for sharing your experience with helpful post with us.

  • Amie Lout says:

    LinkedIn is a great media tool. Although I will throw out there that to get it working at it’s fullest I for one needed to really get the ins and outs on it. Took me a while, and i find a LinkedIn Bible so to speak by Wayne Breitbarth that made the whole thing come to life for me! His book is The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, http://www.powerformula.net. I just never realized all the capabilities it has, I recommend getting a hold of his book and that alone will make LinkedIn nearly brand new!

  • I’m not so sure about LinkedIn, I think you’d be wasting a lot of time placing any attention on this social media tool. Great tips, though, but it’s not going to be wresting anyone’s attention away from Facebook or Twitter any time soon. Google+ is much the same,despite the impressive new features. There just aren’t enough people using these “unsuccessful” tools.

  • Great tips but I unlinked my blog from LinkedIn because I didn’t want my work peers to be bombarded with my daily posts.

  • Kelly says:

    I am so lazy with my LinkedIn- it is so tough to keep up with all the social media out there- but this is motivating. I am going to poke around my LinkedIn right now! Thank you 🙂

  • Momchalant says:

    I never even thought about using LinkedIn to show off my brand. I am heading over to sign up now!

  • Linked In is my current favorite of all the media sites. Thanks for these tips. I havent used the status updates so I’ll try this next time I’m there.

  • Alison says:

    Thank you for the great tips, Kristi!

  • Great tips! I really didn’t think of LinkedIn beyond the resume aspect. I’ll definitely have to add LinkedIn to my social media tasks.