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Make Your Posts Sticky to Increase Your Pageviews

By Dec 20, 2015One Comment

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Do you know how to make your posts sticky? Did you know that by making some of your posts sticky you can actually increase your page views? This blogger is giving you a one-stop sticky-post shop! Read how you can easily entice readers to stick around and explore some of your favorite posts.

make your posts sticky

Make Your Posts Sticky to Increase Your Pageviews

Want to increase your pageviews and make your readers stick around? What are readers suppose to do once they get to the end of your posts, do you have a call to action? If you want your readers to stick around…make your posts sticky.

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One Comment

  • NIkhil Gupta says:

    thanks nice post. my tip your content should be neat, well written, easy to understand and should have nice images or videos. these options also interact the users and your post might become viral on internet . 🙂