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How To Get New Traffic To Old Blog Posts

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It can be tough to get eyes on old blog posts. What do you do with great content without much traffic? There are easy ways you can drive new traffic to old blog posts.

Why drive new traffic to old blog posts? It’s an effective strategy for growing a blog’s readership without wasting resources. If you have an old post that not many people have seen or read, update and renew that post – a little effort can reap big rewards!

The best candidates for driving new traffic to your blog are old posts that are seasonal or evergreen. “Evergreen” posts are posts that never grow old – these posts are based on topics that will never be out of date, are always relevant, and will always hold readers’ interest. Evergreen posts include recipes, how-to tutorials, and real-life stories. Seasonal content includes topics like holiday crafts and recipes, vacation ideas, how to keep kids busy over spring or summer break, etc.

Learn how to refresh old blog posts and bring in new traffic with these six tips.

Six Ways to Refresh Old Blog Posts And Get New Traffic

These methods have worked well in driving traffic to old posts on my blog, and have pushed some of my old posts from forgotten back pages of my blog to my blog’s top 10 most popular list!

1. Improve Your Post’s SEO

Have you optimized your old blog post’s SEO? If a particular post isn’t getting traffic, it’s likely it doesn’t have good SEO. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, and good SEO helps search engines like Google find your content. For tips on how to improve a post’s SEO, check out What is a Good Keyword. You can also install the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. It makes optimizing SEO easy!

2. Add Images to Your Post

I like to think that good writing draws readers to a post. But readers are often drawn to pretty images and photography. Pinterest drives much traffic to many bloggers’ sites. Pinterest readers aren’t browsing for well-crafted sentences, they’re looking for beautiful pictures. If you have a great post with lackluster photos, or not many photos, take new photos or invest in stock photography. I’ve used stock photos from Stockphoto.com, which offers images for as little as $3!

3. Talk It Up!

To drive new traffic to an oldie but goodie, share that post on your social media channels – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I’ve started sharing seasonal posts from past years on my Pinterest page, and the tactic is getting new traffic to those posts!

4. Join the Party!

Try sharing old, but good content at link parties. A link party is when a host blog invites other bloggers to add links about projects, crafts, etc., to a party post on the host’s blog. It’s best to link early on in a link party (before there are hundreds of entries) and to link posts that feature bright, colorful photos – those tend to get the most clicks. Check out Blog Building Strategy – Link Parties for how to get the most out of participating in link parties.

5. Link from Within

Do you have a new post that touches upon the same topic as an old post? Link to your old post from your new post! When you blog about this year’s fantastic spring wreath, add a mention and a link in your post to last year’s spring wreath! Readers will be interested in that wreath, too! You could also mention the old wreath as a related post at the foot of your new post. Plugins like Jetpack make it easy to add related posts to posts. 

6. ReWrite

Take a look at your blog. Are some of your great projects adrift in a sea of bad writing? Tighten up or improve the writing. I’ve found it’s best to get to the point quickly and make it short and sweet. Readers prefer lots of photos over lots of words!

How do you drive traffic to old blog posts?

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  • Thank you so much for this post. I have recently been sharing old posts on my social media, but I debated about changing photos or even re-writing. You have helped me over the fence! I’m tweaking as I go now. 🙂

  • great tips ! thanks

  • Rosemond says:

    Great tips, I just went back and rewrote several posts from last year when I was just starting. I also revised for more applicable keywords. Let’s see what happens! And thanks for sharing!

  • I have so much to rewrite, edit, and rephotograph. I am keeping a list of the posts I’ve done. I am trying to keep it simple, otherwise I get way too overwhelmed with the idea of it!

  • Kelly says:

    I’ve been doing this lately on Throwback Thursdays and also I’ve been reposting some of my old restaurant reviews on Foodie Friday. I tighten up the posts and add some new images. Trying to get more traffic to my blog. Thanks for the tips!

  • I know I have older posts I cringe seeing. lol I should go back and rewrite them. Thanks for the tips.

  • Great tips! I really should go back through my old content and give it a refresher. I know some of my early posts were pretty terrible haha!