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Hi Guys!

It’s me, Tiffany.

Here to chat with you about tooting your own horn by creating a “Best Of” page.

So, we’ve got this new, fabulous Friday Pot Luck– if you missed us yesterday, you MUST check it out.

Each Friday, we will be choosing three SITS members who commented on the Featured Blogger earlier in the week and choose a post from their blog and link it up for Potluck Friday!

This is a great way to get exposure while you are waiting for your SITS day, or after its already happened!

To make things easier for us to find a post to feature if we should pick you for Friday Potluck we and to increase your pageviews, we encourage you to set up a “Best Of” page.

A “Best Of” page allows other blog readers, PR people, book agents {hey, lets dream big!} take a look at your best work without having to try to search your blog.

It also really gives a good flavor as to your blog’s “theme”, your style of writing and overall snapshot of your mad blogging skills.

It’s a great idea to have it in your navigation bar, AND to link to it from your “About Me” page.

I’ve linked mine up here, so you can get an idea of how to set one up.

Or, if you don’t want to do a separate page, you can set it up in your sidebar like this blog.

Now, for Saturday ShareFest, go forth and include a link to your all-time favorite post in the comments below, then, go visit the blogger ahead of you in roll call!

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