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Revamp Your About Page!

By Jul 23, 2013July 9th, 201448 Comments

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We all know that first impressions are everything. If you go on a job interview, you iron your clothes, make sure your hair looks good, wear your best pair of shoes and anything else that is going to give the company a great first impression.

Making that great first impression is just as important on your blog. Having a killer “About” page is one of the most looked at areas of a blog. This is one of your first opportunities to wow a potential reader or brand.

Revamping Your “About” Page
Is your blog’s “About” page the same as it was when you first started your blog? Is it full of outdated information? Or painfully lacking in the photo department? Trust me, you’re not alone. However, if you’re like me, you probably just feel too busy or overwhelmed to take on a revamp of your “About” page. As bloggers, we feel we’ve got bigger fish to fry, like creating new content and connecting on social media! Right? Well, what if I told you that your “About” page has a significant impact on reader experience…so significant, in fact, that with a little bit of tweaking, it can be the lynch pin that helps gain you a loyal following and allows you to forge deeper connections with readers.

In this tutorial, I walk you through a series of questions and writing prompts to help guide you as you revamp your “About” page and paint a clearer picture of yourself for visitors to your blog. Oh, and you’ll be sure to catch a glimpse at my “About” page in its ho-hum phase before the revamp and in it’s new-and-improved state afterwards. Annnnd there just may be a few goofy photos of me to keep you entertained along the way. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s put just a little bit of time and focused effort into giving those “About” page the makeovers they deserve, so that we can build the blog community we crave.

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  • This is exactly what I needed! 😀

    I am so shy when it comes to writing about myself, so thank you for helping me out! 🙂

  • Awesome tips! I am going to make this a priority as well! Thanks so much for all the effort you put in.
    The Adored Home

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  • Megan says:

    You read my mind. I have been on and off with trying to build a following for my site. As a mom of a 3yr old, and a full time art teacher with our second little girl on the way in two weeks (!!!) I don’t know how I can possibly find the time to devote to connecting with others who share my passion for all things crafty and creative. BUT people do it, so I can too, and I was just thinking about how to clearly portray myself to someone who kindly considers my site for even 20 seconds. In a crowded niche, I want to stand out, but more importantly, be real. Thank you for posting this, I am going to go through the questions right now and start to revamp my “About Me” page.

  • Thanks for the great advice! I’m always at a loss as to what to say about me on my page so this was really helpful.

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    due to its feature contents.

  • Emelie says:

    Thanks for the inspiration!! I just updated all my stuff 🙂

  • Sonia says:

    I changed mine around after reading it and feeling that it just sounded weird. I tend to be pretty straight-forward and wanted to show a little personality with my about page. It works for me, but these tips are fantastic. You should always tweak and update your about page when necessary.

    • Sonia, you pull me in to your “About” page with your first line – – “A blog is born every day.” I love it! You also have such an empowering message in your “About” page…as a first time visitor, you made me want to poke around and explore more! Brava!

      • Sonia says:

        Thanks Lauren, glad I did something right. Ha ha! I really appreciate the kind words Ms. Thanks again!

  • Tiffany says:

    I think this is awesome advice. I just went back and went over my ‘About’ section to be sure it was up to the challenge…thanks so much for the awesome advice as always. I’m also think of changing it to say About ME instead of just About…

    • Happy to know that my tips and writing exercises proved helpful for you, Tiffany! And I like the change you made in calling it “About Me.” Just that one additional word makes it all the more personal.

  • Thanks to SITS, I have to say my about page is sooo much better.

  • Susanna says:

    Oh no! I don’t even HAVE an About Me tab on my blog! Great information to help me fix that problem. Love the specific examples – thank you!

    • Ha ha. I worried I may have gone overboard with the specific examples, but I love them myself…so I’m glad I trusted my gut and included them! And while an “About Me” tab isn’t a rule, I think it’s a great way to connect with readers, so if you have the time and space for it on your blog, I’d say GO FOR IT! 😉

  • Perfect timing, since redoing my About page is on my list of bloggy tasks! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

  • Tracie says:

    Awesome tips! Looks like I need to do some updating!

    • Hope they’re helpful when you do decide to tackle it. I know it can feel daunting, but it’s definitely worth the extra time and effort…plus, it IS possible to have fun with a revamp (as you might have noticed from mine). Enjoy the process, Tracie!

    • Echo, I am SO impressed! First of all, you have the coolest name ever. Also, I love not only the content of your revamp, but the artful way in which you presented it. Great idea to create a picture file of it. Thank you for sharing! And I’ll be darned if I don’t feature your new “About Page” in my Reader Showcase at the end of the summer. Brava!

      • Echo says:

        Thanks! I realized I needed to inject more personality into my site. It was kind of stale, which is not at all who I am. lol.

  • Kristen says:

    I feel like I’m constantly tweaking my About Page because I’m never satisfied with it. Now that I have these pointers, I’m going to go back and work at it some more. I know it will never be “perfect” in my eyes, but if I can get it “good” then I’ll be happy.

    • As a fellow perfectionist, I really have to work on changing my mindset away from “perfect” and more towards “in process.” Like you, though, I want to get my work to the place where I feel proud of it…good about where it is…but striving for perfection, we’ll end up disappointed every time. (Or so I have found.)

      Also, if you’re not feeling satisfied with your tweaks, I might recommend starting from scratch. A clean slate can be really refreshing sometimes!

      Best of luck, Kristen.

  • This reminds me that I should go back and update my About Me page! Thanks for this.

  • Keia Lee says:

    I have been thinking a lot about this lately and have made some changes already but I’m excited about these ideas as well!
    thank you for sharing 😀

    • Keia, I’m excited that YOU’RE excited! And I find your comment so fitting in light of your recent post: “Forever Learning.” I, too strive to be a lifelong learner…always changing and growing…always a rough draft being revised. I like to think of our “About” pages in the same way!

      • Keia Lee says:

        Yes that is very true our About pages should always be changing. When you think about it like that it does not seem like such a huge undertaking to get it perfect right now! It will always be changing as we change.
        Thank you for responding and reading my post!

  • I have been meaning to do this. The examples you gave are great & unique, which I love! Thanks for sharing.

  • Kim says:

    I think mine could use a little more tweaking. One thing I’ve struggled with is whether to write the story about why I moved to Vegas (the ex-husband). It’s an important component of my life and I do actually get along with my ex these days (we text each other a few times a week). I’ve referred to the new-ish hubby as Husband 2.0.

    Yea, I think I might do some tweaks for the gazillionth time.

    • I think our “About” pages should be a true reflection of who we are and since WE are always growing and changing, why shouldn’t our “About” page!

      My two cents is that if the story of your move to Vegas is a key component to your life story (which it sounds like it is), then the “About” page would be the perfect place to share that. Or…if you ended up telling that story in a blog post, you could always link to it in your “About” page to direct your readers that way.

      Share away, I say!

  • Jenn says:

    My About Me page is something that I’ve never struggled with. In fact, I think talking about myself (and representing my personality) is my strong suit. If only people wanted to read about me all.of.the.time I would have it made 😉

    My problem is brevity. I’m very long-winded. Exactly when do I STOP talking about myself? I kept my About Me page short-ish on purpose, but most of the examples included here were kinda long. I’m taking this as a green light to include EVEN MORE stuff about myself.

    …and the blog world rejoices!

    • Ha ha! Well, leave it to me to give you the green light to be verbose! (I still remember reading the critiques on my English papers that said, “Wordy.”) I suppose I’ve always been of the camp, “Why use 5 words, when 50 will do?” And while that may not be a good thing ALL the time when it comes to blogging, I personally feel that an “About” page is a place where MORE is better than LESS. If you can reach more people by sharing more of yourself, then the purpose of an “About” page has been fulfilled. So, write away, my dear! And let me know if you revamp yours. I’d love to stop by and see it, Jenn!

  • Felicia says:

    I love these tips! I’ve been thinking about re-vamping my “About Me” page, so this came just at the right time!

  • I am looking forward to reading more! The About Me page is very important – I know I check them out regularly. It is a great way to get to know the blogger a little better.

    • Yes, I think that’s what clued me into the fact that mine needed revamping: I was always checking the “About” pages on the blogs that I visited. And mine was still so lame! I knew that if I didn’t do something to change that, that I was losing a lot of potential connections with readers.

      • Hi Lauren and Kim..

        KIM: It is a great way to get to know the blogger a little better.
        LAUREN: I was losing a lot of potential connections with readers.

        Yep, people come to our About page to learn more about us.. but what they really want to know is if the blogger offers what they need/want.

        And if so, they’ll make the connection.

        If you’re speaking specifically to that reader and solving their problem(s), they’ll connect. Otherwise they won’t.

        So as I’m writing my About page, I always have my reader (and her needs/wants) in mind so I can show her what it is about me that can help her.

        ~ darlene 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    I can definitely use these tips! Looking forward to checking this out!