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My “Secret Sauce” Tool that is Growing My Pinterest Account by over 100 Followers per DAY

By Jan 19, 2016No Comments

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At The SITS Girls, we know the secret’s in the sauce, but what if there was a secret sauce tool that could help you grow your Pinterest followers? What if you could grow your followers by over 100 each day? You are in for a treat! This blogger shares her secret that helped her do just that!

The secret Pinterest strategy that could help you grow your account by over 100 follower a DAY! | Pinterest Tips

My “Secret Sauce” Tool That is Growing My Pinterest Account by Over 100 Followers per DAY

Now that I’ve got your attention…

It is true…I have found a bit of a “secret sauce” that is giving me outrageous results on Pinterest! It is called Pin Sourcing, and it is a service of BoardBooster.

I took some time off at the end of 2015, and this caused me to try and spend less time on Pinterest each day. But it is my business, and I wanted to keep things up, so I became very intentional about finding solutions to “replace myself”.

In December, I started asking Dennis Kashkin, owner of BoardBooster, about how I might use BoardBooster to find new content. Dennis chatted with me about the Pin Sourcing feature. I had used it when it was in development and it had not worked right. I decided to give it a second chance with the method he suggested.

What is BoardBooster’s Pin Sourcing? BoardBooster finds new content pins FOR YOU.

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