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How to Set up Twitterfeed

By May 7, 20157 Comments

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Do you know how to set up Twitterfeed? Staying on top of your blog and social media accounts can be tough, but if you utilize some of the helpful tools out there, you can alleviate some of the stress. This blogger walks you thorough setting up your own Twitterfeed.

Twitterfeed helps you to easily, and automatically, tweet new blog posts from any blog you follow.

How to Set Up Twitterfeed

One of the newest blogging tools I have found is Twitterfeed.com. I had heard about it on a Hoogle hangout from Learn to Blog Hangouts. I decided to show you how to set up Twitterfeed when a few bloggers asked me how to use it after reading my previous post on 5 Blogging Tips. It is a balancing act trying to write great content and have time to network on the different social platforms. You can also find my tips on scheduling my own posts through coschedule.

The benefit of setting up this feed will be to share your blogger friends’ content as soon as its published. It will save you time because once you set up the feed it will become automatically shared on your twitter account.

Remember that networking is always better done live and in the moment, but this is one way that you can be one of the first to share content of all your favorite bloggers.

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