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Six Tips to Tame Your Social Media Addiction

By Jun 29, 2015One Comment

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Social media addiction can be very intrusive. Your phone lights up anytime someone interacts with your online presence and it’s so easy to feel obligated to reply as quickly as possible. While timely interaction is great, obsessively checking and rechecking can steal your focus from other important areas in your life, like your family and friends. This blogger shares 6 tips to tame your addiction!

social media addiction

Six Tips to Tame Your Social Media Addiction

Social Media is a WONDERFUL thing. As with anything else, too much can cause problems. If you find yourself obsessively checking your email, Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram when you really *should* be doing other things (spending time with friends and family, work, cooking, housework, etc.) you may need a little help. These are six very simple tips that will help you get this puppy under control!

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One Comment

  • adrian says:

    Hi girlies! What a fun surprise to wake up to. I totally forgot I had submitted this, but I always check your feed first thing in the AM and there I AM!! You guys rock! XOXOXO