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Sharing Is Powerful: Why Supporting Other Bloggers Is Good For You

By Apr 28, 201628 Comments

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One of the most powerful tools in finding your community through blogging comes from an unexpected place.

We work hard on our posts, we engage with our readers, we try really hard to be seen. Self-promotion is a tremendous effort in the world of a blogger looking to be recognized. We schedule posts and tweets. We find places to link up our posts regularly, hoping to drive readers our way.

But there is something that we don’t always recognize to be an impressive influence that actually is.

And that’s sharing the work of OTHERS.

Social Media Sharing Is Powerful: Why Supporting Other Bloggers Is Good For You

Social Media Sharing and Support

It sounds funny, I know. Why would I share the posts of other bloggers in an effort to actually be seen? How can we benefit from this?

Stick with me – you might be surprised!


First and foremost, your sharing has to be genuine. If you’re sharing just to share, it’s going to show. But if you’re sharing posts that you have really enjoyed, stories you’ve found yourself touched by? Your readers will see that. And they’ll enjoy engaging with you over a common interest. Some of the best comments I have received on Facebook come from people reacting to things I’ve shared that were not written by me.


Come across an article that covers some amazing information? Something you find yourself bookmarking or referring to again and again? Share it. Your readers will recognize you as someone they can trust. They’ll remember that it was you who pointed out the amazing post with tips on how to use their new camera or how to increase their traffic. And when they do they’ll come back and see what else you’ve discovered. And they’ll share your information with their friends. You’ve instantly extended your reach!


There are so many communities these days that exist specifically for link sharing. Find the ones that best suit you and your blogging style. Do you post every day? Find a group that offers up a daily thread to its participants and encourages members to share for one another. Are you more active on Google+ than Facebook? Look for groups where members share for each other by using the “+1” option. Don’t be afraid to jump in and don’t hesitate to leave if the group isn’t working for you. There are easily hundreds (if not more!) of Facebook groups for bloggers right now and if you find yourself in one that isn’t working for you or just doesn’t seem right it’s your right to leave. Make a switch. Join one group. Join twenty. Be prepared to participate, though. You can expect a lot of shares in exchange for you sharing – but don’t forget to be genuine about it. If it’s not something you’d share, don’t compromise yourself just for a share in return. Stay true to you!


One of the greatest things about blogging for me has been the incredible friendships I’ve developed. I’m not sure how it all fell into place and I have no magical method to finding your people through social media. But I can tell you they’re out there. If you branch out and read more blogs, you’ll get to know more people. And if you get to know more people your connections will grow until you find yourself recognizing names and faces and writing styles. And before you know it you’ll have your support system in place. You’ll have friends who will share for you, because they know you and respect you and want to share your work. And you’ll find that you’ll be doing the same in return. And honestly? It’s a win-win. Because it’s real. And you’re connecting on a level way beyond simple social media “likes” and retweets. (Which are still great, of course, just in a different way!)

And there you have it, a few important points to remind you why social media sharing the work of other bloggers is not just a good thing, but a great thing. Sharing is really key when it comes to social media, and being there for others is a great way to show both your friends and your readers that you’re more than just a name behind a blog, but you’re a person, too, and one worth knowing and engaging with.

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  • Love this! Totally agree–what’s blogging without the bloggers?! I love the community feel to it!

  • Breeze says:

    I really appreciated this! I agree that sharing other blog posts is a great way to be a great blogger. I see so many talented writers that have a lot to offer and I’m happy to share that with my readers! Thanks for the great reminder! It’s true we accomplish more when we stick together!

  • I was looking for that, thanks! This article was really helpful for me 🙂

    Best wishes 4 you 🙂

  • Anam khan says:

    Thanks Andrea Bates!!
    really impressive thought i also believe on sharing a good ideas to others. Keep this quality work continue..

  • This is SO important! I don’t understand why some people are so competitive in blogging. I think it’s much better (and happier) if we all help each other out!

  • These are great tips! I so needed to read them.

  • Mari says:

    Great share!!! One of the things I wanted to make sure I kept in mind when I started to blog was to share. To tweet, to link up, to reach out to others that may have ideas and tips that related to my philosophy. I have been blessed to do that and more. I just hope that in turn that has opened up doors to grow for me as well.

  • Charlotte says:

    Love this, and you’re absolutely right–sharing is more about telling a writer that their words have somehow resonated with you. And what better compliment to pay to another blogger?

  • Laina Turner says:

    Love this post. It doesn’t have to be a lonely world out there.

  • Great advice! Sharing for sure!

  • Karen says:

    you hit the nail so on the head. sharing this everywhere. and how come i’ve never been here before? xo

  • I have set a goal to comment and share so many blogposts by others a week. It is a great way to network, fill my social media with great content and help others. 🙂 I found a google+ community that has really blessed me in this way!

  • Alex Taylor says:

    Great post,
    I think Support famous bloggers in your blog post are very important because their might be many audience who are not familiar from your blog, but by seeing other famous bloggers on your post shows their engagement to your blog as well.

  • Sofia Brooks says:

    This is such an encouraging post. There is so much competition, but everyone needs a support and no one can truly understand a blogger like another blogger. I think we could also take ourselves to the next level.

    • Agreed! The competition is ridiculous. It’s so great to see friends succeed. Yes – admittedly everyone will go through the “why not me” stage or moment, but we can gain so much by supporting each other!

  • Wonderful tips, thank you as always!

  • So many wonderful bloggers have helped me out by sharing my posts. And I love helping others out, which is why I started a link up for infertility bloggers. I’ve made some fantastic online friends this way!

  • Jeanette says:

    This is so great. I am on a mission to bulid a community, but it is not easy. How do I begin?:)

    • Jeanette says:

      I mean build of course:)

      • Jeanette – It can be hard, but honestly, engage, engage, engage!! Are you in any FB groups? Are you in the SITS one, for starters? There are loads of groups out there to connect with and share with and you’ll find the right people who mesh with you. That’s just the tip of the blogging iceberg, of course!

  • This is so true! My blog grew like crazy once I started building a community. Now I have people who I would consider to be my friends but I’ve never met them in real life. It’s a lot of fun!

  • This is a right on time article for me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!!

  • Tanya Gioia says:

    One way I have found to share is to use a social media tool marketmesuite.com. It allows me set things up in advance and it goes out on all my social media. This means I can take your post and set it free! Which is lots of fun. Often I see and pin things that are so creative. Way beyond what I would have thought of- my readers like to see that I am engaged in other things besides business and are excited to find others to follow! Thanks for the good article. As once said ‘sharing is caring” if it will help someone, brighten their day or make them laugh pass it along.

  • Kim says:

    I must confess that one of my major blogging weaknesses has been sharing others. I don’t know why, it just has been. These days though, I’m making a much stronger effort to share blogs I enjoy.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I agree Andrea. I am learning to share and help out other bloggers. That is part of how you build up one another and develop relationships! Thanks for a great article!

  • Roz Warren says:

    Excellent advice. Thanks.

  • All great tips Andrea. Thanks for sharing them. Encouraged to practice them. Have a wonderful day! 🙂