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Social Sharing: Are You Giving Readers What They Need?

By Oct 14, 2011July 3rd, 201424 Comments

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It’s Annabel Candy’s last day with us on The SITS Girls. Today is she highlighting the importance of social sharing and offering some quick tips to make sure that you have all of your bases covered. You can find tips like these in her Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps eBook. Be sure you click over and check it out! She’s offering our readers a 35% discount off the normal price using the code, 35off.

Your most important blog readers are those you’ve already got. Make sure your blog makes it easy for them to subscribe and share your content with other people.

Offer a few different social sharing options:

  • Email subscribe
  • RSS Feed subscribe
  • Twitter share
  • Facebook share including like and share
  • Any other social networks that might be popular for your target audience, such as Pinterest, Stumble, or Instagram.

Social Sharing Checklist

Wondering if you are covering all of your bases when it comes to the world of social sharing? Scan through this list of tips and see what gaps you might need to close.

  1. Make it easy for your readers to share your blog posts by adding social share buttons like Twitter, Like on Facebook or share on Facebook.
  2. Don’t bamboozle your readers by giving them too many options. Some readers may be familiar with Digg, StumbleUpon or Delicious, but if you think your target audience has probably never heard of them, then cut out the unnecessary buttons and just give them the options they are familiar with.
  3. Check to ensure that all your subscription options and social share buttons actually work. Try them yourself. I’ve consulted with people specifically because their RSS subscriptions were low only to find that it was because their link was leading the wrong place.
  4. Make sure your subscription box is above the fold where people can see it without scrolling down.
  5. For email subscriptions, create an incentive for people to sign up, such as a free ebook or email series that focuses on your best or most popular blog posts.

Good luck!

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About Annabel Candy

successful blogging in 12 simple stepsAnnabel Candy is a copywriter, web designer and teacher with an MA in Design for Interactive Media and 16 years experience in online marketing. She set up her first blog Get In the Hot Spot in 2009 and has written for Zen Habits, Copyblogger and Problogger. Annabel shares her blogging tips at Successful Blogging and writes travel stories and personal writing at Get In the Hot Spot.

About Francesca

Francesca has an extensive background in content marketing, public relations, and social outreach. She oversees all Operations at Sway Group, including our robust metrics capabilities. Prior to joining the online world, Francesca oversaw viticulture and oenology at various wineries in both California and Italy, and managed regulatory affairs and facility approvals at the biotech company, Genentech. Francesca has been featured on CBS Sacramento and Food Blogger Proโ€™s podcast. She has also hosted an AMA webinar and spoken at Social Media World.