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10 Blogging Tips That Will Actually Amaze You

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Think you’ve read all the blogging tips and tutorials out there? Well you haven’t. Grab a pen and paper, let’s get old school on this one. I have the top 10 tips for blogging you need right now.

Are you ready for real, practical advice to help you with your blog? This is a list of the top 10 tips for blogging, and they will amaze you. # 9 is one of the easiest things you could do, but it can make a HUGE difference. | Blogging Tips

Top 10 Tips For Blogging That Will Actually Amaze You

1. Before you even think about opening up a “new post” get your content strategy down. What are you going to write about? Not just today, but long term. Think about what you can jam on for days on end and bucket them into categories. I suggest 5-7 if you’ve been at this blogging game a while. If you’re a newbie, think of 3-5 topics (you can always add more later).

Why is this important? You won’t scramble for things to write about because you’ve given yourself a roadmap. Isn’t it easier to get where you’re going with a GPS? Yes. Yes it is. You also want to build trust with your readers. Having solidified categories that you will write about lets your readers know what to expect when they settle in with their cuppa joe.

2. Be yourself and cut the jargon. Just because you can use S.A.T. words in a sentence doesn’t mean you should (unless you’re writing for a medical journal). Use a tone that reveals who you really are. You don’t have to get personal, but you should let your personality show through the written word. Take this post for example, you’ll see that I am a fun, straight shooter who likes to work hard and play hard.

Why is this important? It’s no fun being everybody else. In fact, it’s tiring. When you start off being yourself, that gives you the space to evolve as a blogger, writer and creative. If you start off sounding like that amazing chick with all the comments on her posts you’ll come to hate blogging and give up, because the real you will get smaller and smaller with each word. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Readers want to get to know you, not a patchwork frankenstein of you and 20 other people.

3. Be consistent. I tell my clients this one thing all the time. You ready? You don’t have to post 3-5 times a week. You don’t even have to post 7 times a week. What you must do is have a schedule and stick to it, even if it’s 1 post a week. Pick a day and a time and add that to your calendar each week. Make your one post so chock full of goodness that when you publish, your readers are waiting on baited breath to read and share it. Amy Lynn Andrews does this really well with her Useletter on Saturday’s. When, and if, she writes more than that, her readers feel like it’s Christmas in their inbox. <– be that girl (the Christmas in your inbox girl, not Amy Lynn Andrews, see tip #2).

Why is this important? Again, you want to build trust with your readers. Building trust means you’re building your brand. You may think that keeping consistent with your one post is a small thing, but if your readers can count on you to publish every Wednesday at 1PM, you’ll build a following.

4. Get your social on. I don’t mean just social media, although we all know how much I love that. I mean visit other blogs and comment. Seem overwhelming? Pick one day where you visit a mix of your favorite bloggers and some new ones. Commenting on 5 blogs a week isn’t hard if you make it a habit. Don’t know where to start? You’re part of The SITS girls! Start there! We have a link up on Saturdays full of great blogs to visit.

Why is this important? Community, that’s why. So often we feel like this blogging thing is us, alone with a laptop or smartphone, typing in the dark, while our families or pets are sleeping. Visiting and commenting on other blogs does three things:

  • Reminds us that we’re not alone
  • Builds community
  • Lets us scope out what others are doing so we can steal like an artist!
    (Not steal as in copy, but steal as in revamp-to-fit-our-style.)

5. Call To Action (CTA). You need a call to action at the end of every post. Every time, all the time. Please don’t forget this tip. It can be as simple as asking them to comment, adding a Pinterest widget badge to your blog board, or asking them to sign up to your newsletter. You want to engage your reader, not just fire hose them with what you want to say and not invite them to take part. So often we are afraid to ask a question, any question really, especially if it’s something we want or could benefit us, which in this case is a action on the part of the reader.

Why is this important? You want your posts to be read and shared right? If you don’t ask, you won’t get it. Where is this often a missed opportunity? In your “thank you” email subscription form. You have a captive audience, they’re interested because they signed up to receive your posts! So when you thank them for signing up, why not ask if they’d like to share how they signed up and why others should too?

6. Write really solid headlines. Your headline’s sole purpose is to get the first sentence of your blog post read. What’s the purpose of the first sentence? To get the second sentence of your blog post read, and so on until your CTA. It’s safe to say that if your headline is blah, no matter how great your blog post is, it won’t get read. I love using the Co-Schedule Title Analyzer. It helps me learn as I try out different blog titles by analyzing what I’m missing with examples of how I could fix it.

Why is this important? Think of your blog post image with text overlay. The title has to wow to get the reader to click through on social media. What if the title of this post was “Blogging”? You’d think, “Yeah, so what?” but this is a list post, or a listicle (combination of list and article) – those convert.

7. Make your 404 error page work for you. Yes, you read that right. Your 404 error page. Hey, we’re human and broken links happen, right? Even to the best of us. So why not set up your error page with a quick, relatable “oops” and add some links to popular posts, a subscription box or other CTA?

Why is this important? It shows that you’re human while also maximizing and optimizing every opportunity for conversion. You want to keep your reader on your site and coming back. Make it easier for your reader always and in all ways.

8. Have a content calendar. I know you’ve heard this before. I preach this like nobody’s business. You need a content calendar for your own peace of mind. You should control your blog and your output, not the other way around. If you have a content calendar, and schedule when and what you’re going to publish, there are no last minute rush posts to put together. I love Trello and sing it’s praises because I learned how to really create one that works, but you can use a spreadsheet, a paper calendar, Google calendar, Outlook, you name it. Find something that works for you, and just do it.

Why is this important? Trust me, last minute posts are permissible every once in a while, but too much of that will cause you to burn out, fast. Your readers cannot afford for you to burn out. They want to read all that you want to share, so do yourself a favor and set aside time to brainstorm and plan.

9. Visit your blog’s home page like you’ve never been there before. Ever. When you first visit a blog there is a routine in your head that you follow. You may not realize it, but try it the next time you visit a blog. You think: header, social icons, profile, about me, search bar, sidebar. Take a quick audit of those areas of your blog for branding, content, and a quick refresh. You’d be surprised how some parts are outdated, or no longer mesh with your brand.

Why is this important? It’s always important to run a quick blog audit and tweak every so often. Sometimes affiliate links are mistyped, Facebook updates their plug-ins, your social icons aren’t linked properly, you name it. Better that YOU find it than a reader assume you aren’t as vested in your blog as they are in reading it.

10. Have fun and take care of yourself. Write, collaborate, and connect with everyone you can. These relationships although virtual are real. Jump into challenges with both feet and give this blogging thing a real go. You’ll be glad you did.

Why is this important? Creativity doesn’t come with boundless energy. Self care is crucial. Just like your laptop needs to reboot, so do you. Epsom salt baths and massages (with extra attention on my shoulders and hands) are my very best friends. Make time to relax and refresh yourself, your next blog post will thank you.

I would love to hear what your favorite tips are, in the comments.

Come on, dig deep, and share your blogging gems so we can all thrive.

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Cristina is a married, stay at home mother of two children, and two dogs. She enjoys all things wellness from oils to yoga + meditation. A lifelong student, she loves to write and seek out heart centered content to share with others. Instagram is her love language. You can find the latest there!


  • Mari says:

    Hello! super tips, excellent article. My blog now has 404 error page! I gradually improving it, thank you for your tips!

  • Reese says:

    WHOA that was a powerhouse of a blog! I can see why it is so popular and has received so many comments. It’s THAT good. On the coattails of your “write good headlines” tip I want to add that for me I first figure out the keywords for the topic I’m discussing. I then add those keywords into BuzzSumo to analyze which content performs best for specific topics. Then I adjust the most popular headlines (which ones have the most social shares) and create a new headline for my topic. For inspiration, I’ll often check out Buzzfeed because they have some of the best subject lines/headlines out there. Thanks for the amazing post!

  • Cristina,

    I just recently found you via Pinterest and am loving reading through your blog. I write a blog with purely faith based encouragement and inspiration. Learning the whole social media part of it has me overwhelmed. Your blog has brought some focus to my scattered brain. If only I could have you sit next to me at my kitchen counter and mentor me on a daily basis!!

    Thanks so much!!


  • Rebecca says:

    Thank you for sharing these tips! I could not agree more it is imperative to be yourself when blogging. Trying to talk and act like someone else is awkward and uncomfortable; why do that to yourself on YOUR site??? Great point! I also love the idea of a contend calendar. I’m the type of person who has to have everything planned out. I see this working wonders for me 🙂

  • Kim Tisor says:

    Hi, Cristina! Where do you find your 404 error page? Do all bloggers have one? I use Weebly and don’t recall seeing an option to customize that. If you have additional info, I sure would appreciate it!

    Hope you’re having a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!!

    ~ Kim

  • I use to comment on a lot of blogs, but the return was very, very small. I’d spend an hour a day commenting – genuine comments on topics I actually had something to say about – and I would get:
    1) No reply, not on the blog or by email
    2) Not one single comment/like/share in return.

    I am frankly done with commenting as a blog building strategy. It hasn’t worked in the last three years, and I’m not going to keep doing something that doesn’t work. Definition of insanity, and all that 😉

    Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter is where I’m focusing. Those are my biggest referral sources. It has never been other blogs. Joining link parties accounts for about 15% of my traffic. Comments? About 2%.

    So my tip is to look at your last month of traffic on Google Analytics, see where it’s coming from, and THEN build your strategy. Don’t force what doesn’t work.

    • Hi Stephanie, I don’t recommend spending an hour commenting on blogs. Quite frankly, if you are, and you’re not getting any response at all, you need to find different bloggers.

      I agree, that analytics can help with strategy, but also knowing your strengths and where you’re comfortable on social, would trump a purely analytics based assessment.

      Thanks for commenting!!! 🙂

  • Hello Cristina, Thanks a lot for your this great and complete guideline with the Top 10 best killer ways.. Really by reading this one i learn a lot’s of things . As well i am going to launch my new Brand Blog with my own name as well TonmoyParves.com and i want to this one as my own Brand.. So, This one is really helpful for me. Keep sharing your blogging experience with us

    Happy Blogging. Have a Good Week End

  • MoreCowbellLiv says:

    I’ve been researching a lot as I prepare to launch my new blog. Great article and loved the resources you shared. Thank you for posting it!

  • Leanne says:

    Thank you for these tips. I’m learning a lot these days about blogging and growing my readership. I think the one I always forget is to visit other blogs and comment. Five comments a week is my new, totally feasible goal! Thanks!

    • Hi Leanne! It’s all about making reachable goals so you can gain confidence and feel accomplished. It’s so important in all things, especially in something like blogging where you can feel overwhelmed so quickly! Here’s to leaving 5 meaningful comments a week!

  • I’ve been blogging for a little over a year, but still consider myself “green” when it comes to the techie stuff especially. With all of your tips and ideas, I’m able to teach myself. I think 99.9% of my learning has been from you. Thanks!

  • I love playing with Title Analyzer. I ran some of my draft post titles through it ad hopefully came up with better titles. I also will take a look at my 404 page. (Didn’t really know I had one). I am going to keep referring back to this article so I can keep improving my blog. Thank you so much for writing it.

  • Odrayona says:

    Hi Cristina,
    These are great tips and I enjoyed reading them! The main thing I struggle with is being consistent with publishing weekly posts because I haven’t had any action taking place in the comments section to find out what people want to know.

    • Hi there, Odrayona! What is your niche? What can you write about all day long? I think if you can find your blogging sweet spot (you’ll know because you’ll feel like YOU when you publish it) you will find that the comments will come. Another thing to take into consideration is the shift to social sharing by others as an option for readers instead of commenting. I have posts that have 3 comments, but are shared on social media WAY more than that. I hope that helps to give you some direction! As always, reach out with any questions. I am happy to help!

  • karen says:

    lots of information and ideas! Thanks! I need to read it over and start pinning and printing.

  • Tammi says:

    I giggled about the S.A.T. words! Unfortunately, I’m either using big words when I talk or swearing. Lol! I’ve been working on making my writing more relatable and not a dictionary lesson. Thanks for the great tips — especially love the 404 page. Great idea.

    • I’m so glad Tammi! If you’re using SAT words as part of your normal conversation, that’s totally fine! Don’t change who you are, but maybe pepper in some words with fewer syllables for people like me 😉

  • Jeannie says:

    Cristina, I really loved your suggestions about creating a calendar for content. I am horrible about that. I’m also terrible about the CTA. I don’t think I really *know* what that means or how to do it. What I love is creating eye-catching images. It somehow draws out my visually creative side and ties it in with my written creativity.

    I’d say one blogging thing I’m *loving* right now is guest posting and blog swapping. I’m getting to know other bloggers, network with them, and share their work. It’s fun and expands my network, too!

  • Chris Carter says:

    Awesome tips, Cristina! Thanks for sharing them!! I need to be more consistent on my days of publishing… my timeline isn’t always structured because of being published on other sites and already scheduled book reviews etc. It’s hard to keep to any real rhythm!!

  • Ginny says:

    Thank you! This was such a great post. I especially liked the part about 404 page. I just updated mine and it makes me so happy!

  • Sticking to a schedule is the hardest part for me. Ideally I agree, but blogging is just one part if my business and drops on the To Do list when things get busy and there never seems to be enough time.

  • Daenel T.14 says:

    Great tips! I love that you added why it’s important, instead of just giving the tip. And, yes to the 404 page. I’m going to figure out how to customize mine today.

  • Thanks for this very detailed and informative post. I’ve been blogging for a few years and these tips are a great reminder of how to deliver the best content I can through my blog while staying passionate and motivated.