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What Are UMVs And Why Do I Need To Know Mine?

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So just what are unique monthly visitors? Well, unique visitor or UMVs refers to the number of visitors requesting to view pages on a website during a given period of time. It doesn’t matter often they stop by. If they visit from the same device on the same day, it counts as one visit.

Blog Basics: learn about UMVs and why you need to know this important stat for your website.

Why do I need to know my UMVs?

Your UMVs tell you how many people are really visiting your site. While it is wonderful to have visitors who revisit your site day in and day out, they are still the same set of eyes visiting.

It would be like having the same customers visit your restaurant all day. They might love your food, but they are not new people experiencing what you have to offer.

Unique monthly visitors show that the joy and excitement of what you are sharing is spreading. New people are hearing about your content and deciding to visit you.

If we go back to the restaurant analogy, it shows that people beyond your neighborhood are stopping by. There are people from outside your circle of friends who are seeing and hearing good things about your site and just have to come check it out.

How to Engage Your Unique Monthly Visitors

Visitors come to your site, because they’ve seen content they are interested in exploring. You want to make sure you invite them to dig deep into your content.

When they find lots to love about your site, they will tell their friends about you. They will share it on social media. They will link it to their posts.

You can keep your new visitors on your site longer by adding links and pictures that will draw them to your other posts. They can also be added to your sidebars or at the bottom of your page.

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