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Why I Use Nicknames for My Kids on My Blog

By May 24, 2015One Comment

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Are you using nicknames for your kids on your blog? Avoiding your kids’ names can be an easy security measure but there are reasons beyond that, too. This blogger shares why she and others avoid sharing their children’s names.

Why I Use Nicknames for My Kids on My Blog

As parent bloggers, many of us write about our kids. When I started blogging nine years ago (pre-kids), I did so anonymously, so it made sense to use a nickname for my daughter when she came along. Today, I’m still using nicknames for my kids on my blog and so are many other bloggers. In this post, I share some of the reasons why we think it’s important to protect our kids’ privacy online.

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One Comment

  • Chelsea says:

    I never thought about using nicknames for those I love on my blog. However, now that I have read this article it makes sense. Definitely a nice way to keep anonymity, while still sharing about your life!

    Ginger Side of Life