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Why People Aren’t Sharing Your Blog Posts On Social Media

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You’ve poured your heart out and published the most epic blog post ever only for it to be met with crickets. You’re not getting shares and feel like you’ll never gain any traction in the blogging world. I’m here to help you get your blog posts in the right shape to share, and include some tips on how to create click-worthy posts!

Blog Tips | Are you hearing crickets on your blog? Not getting any shares on social media? Use these tips to create share-worthy posts.

Why People Aren’t Sharing Your Blog Posts On Social Media

1. You’re not giving their eyes a break.
Think about when and how people consume media (blog posts, news articles, Buzzfeed!). People are usually on their smartphones, in line at the grocery store, on the treadmill at the gym or waiting at the doctor’s office – you get the drift. If your post has a long stretch of text without paragraph breaks, do you think people are going to read past the first sentence, let alone share it with their friends? If they don’t want to spend the time to read through your soliloquy, their friends won’t. Trust me.

2. You’re not including visuals.
In keeping with the first point, breaking up your text is so important. Images are always a smart move, especially when it illustrates your point. The best reason to add visuals to your post, however, is so it catches the attention of people scrolling endlessly on Facebook or other social media platforms. Including an eye catching image entices the reader to commit to reading your post by clicking through. Bonus points for having such an eye catching image that people share your post without even reading it, because it’s automatically assumed that the content is so good their friends have to get in on it! This post will help you with creating social media images that are shareable.

3. You’re not helping them.
101 Ways to Monetize Your Blog. 10 Tips to Snag the Job of Your Dreams. 17 Ways to Make Beef. If you’re a blogger, looking for a job and wondering what to make for dinner, you’re going to click on each post title. Why? Because these posts are going to help you achieve your goals, and make a slammin’ beef stroganoff. I’ve worked with some bloggers who don’t like these kinds of posts, however they are always going to get clicks. Think Buzzfeed. If you need help with your title creation, my favorite resource is from Co-Schedule.

4. You’re not intriguing them.
When you set about writing a post, don’t just brain dump. Take a step back and put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Why should the reader care if you went to the supermarket this morning? The reader would care if you met your high school sweetheart, read a crazy headline in line that prompted a memory or knocked over 28 jars of pasta sauce. Polish your posts by creating intrigue. If you’re unsure as to whether your idea is enticing, type it up anyway and get it out. You can always save the post in drafts and come back to it.

5. You’re not being honest.
If every post is happy-go-lucky, sunshine and unicorns it’s not relatable. You are not relatable. Be honest and share what makes you unique. Yes, there are some boundaries that you should have for yourself. My general rule of thumb is, if you would be embarrassed for anyone in real life to read it, maybe scale it back and keep out those salacious details.

6. You’re not giving readers the option to share.
I’ve visited so many blogs that are beautiful, have great content and visually appealing images with no social media share buttons at the end of their post. Please be sure you have those share buttons on and pre-filled with what you’d like for the share to include (at the very least include the title of your post, your twitter handle and a couple of hashtags).

7. You’re not sharing your own posts.
When you publish a post, you’re not done. You have to get your post out there by sharing it on your social media platforms. When I publish a post, I share my post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If you want to push push your post further, share your post on promotion threads in Facebook groups, Pinterest viral boards and definitely use the appropriate hashtag topics and quantities.

If you tick off these 7 boxes, your post will get shared. Pinky promise.

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