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Writing Outlines: How I Went From Messy to Organized

By Aug 31, 20152 Comments

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Do you remember writing outlines for English class? While an outline might have seemed like overkill for your essay on what you did during summer vacation, it can be a super helpful tool for developing great, organized blog posts. This blogger writes about her journey from messy to organized with the help of outlining and shares some tips she picked up along the way!

writing outlines

Writing Outlines: How I Went From Messy to Organized

Although writing is an art, there’s a lot more work involved than most people think. Even with the most creative work, it helps to be organized and use an outline in order to get your point across while engaging and entertaining the reader. Here’s how I went from a free-spirited, write-whatever-words-come-out-whether-it-makes-sense-or-not writer to a more organized, thoughtful, succinct writer without losing the message or the colorful language and descriptions contained within the essay.

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