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30 Days Of Writing Prompts For June

By Jun 1, 2018June 5th, 201843 Comments

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We are back with our 30 Days of Writing Prompts.  Our goal is to help you keep your editorial calendar stocked with plenty of writing ideas!

Get ready to write this month! 30 writing prompts that will inspire you to write great blog content every day in June.


Feel free to pick and choose which prompts work well for your site.

1. What are your goals for this month?
2. Share how a hard experience made you stronger or wiser.
3. National Doughnut Day! Will you be celebrating with homemade doughnuts or picking up a box at the store? Share your best doughnut story or recipe.
4. How do you save money?
5. Share your favorite craft to make with flowers.

6. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
7. What is something you always take with you on vacation?
8. What are you looking forward to this summer?
9. Summer reading time! What books do you plan to read this summer?

10. Where do you go when you need solitude?
11. What is one thing you always splurge on?
12. What is the most important thing you learned from your grandparents?
13. What is your first memory?
14. Flip flops or bare feet? What does summer comfort look like in your world?

15. How do you beat the heat? Give us some ideas for cool summer fun.
16. Make a gratitude list.
17. Father’s Day! What is your favorite memory of your dad?
18. When did you learn how to swim?
19. Write a letter to your younger self.

20. What is your dream vacation?
21. Does color change your mood?
22. Tell us about something you lost.
23. Tell us about something you found.
24. What are your five can’t-miss blogs? Write about them, and share some link love.

25. How do you express your creativity?
26. Is there someone you need to forgive or something for which you would like forgiveness?
27. What did you do the summer after high school?
28. What is your favorite thing about social media?
29. Remember those long summer afternoons sitting outside with Sun In in your hair? Tell about your best (or worst!) hair moments.
30. Give us a taste of summer – either through a recipe, or a memory or story that expresses summer to you.

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