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Batching: How to Write a Week’s Worth of Blog Posts in One Sitting

By Mar 20, 20178 Comments

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Considering how hectic this time of year is for me, I have to snag every chance I get to write with a vengeance. For me, personally, that usually means I write blog posts using the batching method. This writing tip is one of my favorites. The batching method is when you take a topic and you write as many different posts as you can base around that topic in one sitting.

Writing Tip | Learn how to use the batching method to write a week's worth of blog posts in one sitting. This will help you organize your blog, save time, and plan ahead!

Writing Tip: How To Use Batching To Write For Your Blog

Batching can be done in a few different ways for bloggers. It truly depends on the topics you cover consistently on your blog. It also depends on how you, as a writer, choose to write.

First Batching Method (My Method): Let the Fingers Do the Walking

Once I get a topic on my mind, I do sit down, brainstorm out some key points that I “think” will be of value to my readers. I just type until I can’t type anymore. By the time I’m done, I have plenty of material to work with. It usually gives me enough to schedule out at least two to three blog posts.

Before I schedule anything, I separate the material out based on the topic. Then I do some keyword searches based off those topics and edit the posts according to those top SEO keyword friendly wording. Since taking the Pinning Perfect Class, I’ve also learned the fine art of getting them Pinterest Search friendly too.

Then I work on creating quality images that portray as much about my post as possible. There are plenty of resources for finding quality, free images available to help with this step. Once they are ready, I put my key advertising lines with the proper keywords into the Title and ALT of all images within my posts.

Then I schedule out my blog posts on my blog. I don’t schedule them back to back. Since I cover many topics on my blog, I usually schedule them out one a week.

Second Batching Method (From Another Source): Do the Research First

Some bloggers do the keyword searches first based on their topics. Then they take those keywords and write in batches using the keywords. After this, they do the other steps mentioned above.

Regardless what system you decide to use; batch writing is actually a time saver in many ways, because your mind is already on those topics. If you’re a food or craft blogger, it can also be a money saver too, because you can buy in bulk for the topic you’re writing about.  This true when preparing for holiday writing, too.

I hope this writing tip helped you get inspired to write. Batch writing will help you be able to stay ahead.

Plus, evidently, it will help with creating a series or even a book with ease.

What other suggestions or thoughts do you have concerning batch writing? If you do it, how do you do it?

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  • You’re a genius!

  • Kerry says:

    I’ve always used the same method as you when it comes to batch content creation. It just seemed like the best option for me.

    But now you’ve mentioned the second method, it’s definitely something I’m going to try out. It seems like it could produce varying results and therefore go hand in hand with the ways in which I already work. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Hi, I usually follow the same method too – Brainstorming related points and then making a note of it and then start to write. But, I make enough keyword research and related keywords for optimization. Thank you for the hints.

  • This is great! Can you/anyone recommend a good recent article on keyword research. I have been blogging for over 5 years so I know a good bit about keywords etc, but I know it’s changed over the years and I haven’t been doing it lately. I’m just wondering what everyone is using now. 🙂

    • I personally use BrainStormIt Tools. It works really well. I do know that Market Samurai also has a positive reputation too. I hope this helps you.

  • Sarah Noel says:

    This is absolutely genius!! Thank you for posting this. I end up batch writing for the week, but it is always on different topics. This makes much more sense. Another batching method I use that has been huge for me is writing a blog post and then writing another post at the same time that lists all of the resources I used for my research.

    Sarah Noel | http://www.sarahsmirks.com

    • That’s a great idea too. Thank you for sharing your method, Sarah. I keep an Excel workbook handy to keep track of where I get my blog ideas from online.