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3 Essential Writing Tips For Bloggers

By Apr 26, 20163 Comments

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Not all bloggers are great writers, but it certainly helps! One of the great things about being a blogger is it automatically turns you into a better writer – since you are continuously writing content day in and day out. Whether you are a newbie or have been blogging for years, I have 3 writing tips for bloggers your audience will appreciate immensely, which will ultimately help your blog grow!

3 Writing Tips For Bloggers

3 Essential Writing Tips For Bloggers

Writing Tip #1: Give Your Audience Value

People don’t have time to consume endless content. We have all seen all the listicles & generic post that are essentially just click-bait. We all think that we won’t subject our readers to the same old story, but it is surprisingly easy to fall into that trap.

You need to be providing value to your audience – teach them something or make them feel something. Making someone smile is valuable, making someone feel like they are not alone in what they are feeling is valuable, teaching someone something new is valuable, giving real-life advice is valuable.

There are a lot of ways to bring value to your audience, so there is no excuse for not taking the time to do it. I would prefer people cut back on the amount of content they are creating and focus on bringing true value to their audience.

Writing Tip #2: Give Your Audience What They Expect

People like to have an idea of what they’re getting before they click that Facebook link to go read your blog post. They automatically have an idea of what they will be getting when they click, and it can be very frustrating if a blog post doesn’t live up to your expectation.

The other part of this is that you should have a consistent enough personal brand presence that people know what they are going to get from you. If you write humor pieces every week, don’t suddenly give people whiplash and start sharing angry or sad rants. However, this is not to say that you can’t shift – just be aware of doing it gradually & testing your audience.

Your brand is allowed to grow with you as a you grow as a person, and there is always a fine line of keeping a consistent blog & brand while allowing it to change as-needed.

Writing Tip #3: Give Your Audience A Glimpse Into Themselves

I had a blog post that went viral (I Hate That I Do These 10 Things) because people related to it. It gave them a glimpse into themselves and a chance to share and say, “I do these things too…” It gave people permission to reflect on their own behavior.

Many times we don’t stop to analyze our own behavior until we run into someone else who is sharing a similar experience. Blog posts have the ability to be introspective, personal, & powerful. It is always surprising how many feelings & behaviors seem universal when shared with the community around you.

Why do you think those stupid Buzzfeed quizzes are so popular? B/c people love learning about themselves, telling people about themselves, & comparing themselves to others. Create content that people don’t have the confidence to write themselves, but they can’t help but share it out.

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  • Thanks for this article. I am new to blogging and i was confuse about what to post. This article provide me a lot of help.

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  • Very good suggestions! I have been in many blogs and sometimes, it seems that the blogger just started writing down the first thing that popped into her head. Although the freshness of this approach is very nice and refreshing sometimes, it is not a good writing policy for each post. Thank you for this article. I hope it helps a lot of bloggers!