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Blog Conference Time: Top 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Bloggy Boot Camp {Part 1}

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It’s blog conference time! Bloggy Boot Camp 2013 is kicking off this week in Phoenix, AZ and it’s time to get your blog conference groove on!

You’re ready to learn, to laugh, to network and make friends. This is about you and your blog – your dreams and your opportunities. Isn’t it fantastic! So whether it’s Bloggy Boot Camp 2013 or any other blog conference, here are the top ten ways you can guarantee yourself a great experience  AND maximize the impact your blog and brand have on the fantastic people you’ll meet.

Doing these ten things will make this a blog conference experience you remember forever!

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Top 10 Ways To Get the Most Out of a Blog Conference


#10: Make Goals

Please, please do not skip this step. Take a piece of paper, a pen (or Evernote) and 20 minutes and jot down what YOU want to get out of your experience. Then write down what YOU need to DO to get what you want. To some it may seem silly, but if you want to rock the blog conference and get the most out of your experience, you absolutely must do this. Put it all in writing and read it everyday before you go to the conference and while you’re there.



Establish three new cross-promoting relationships.


1) Talk with at least 15 bloggers. Get to know them and their audience.

2) Short list at least 3

3) Make arrangements to connect regularly after the conference with your short list of bloggers via Google+ video hangouts, facebook chats, telephone, email…

You’re investing time and money in this experience. If you go with goals and actions on paper, it will pay you dividends and become so much more than just a ‘warm fuzzy, fun’ experience. It can be the driving factor in your next big break.


#9: Be Quick to Observe

This is a hard one, but there’s no beating around the bush – quit thinking about yourself. Watch the bloggers around you. You learn SO much from watching and it doesn’t leave you time to worry about your own insecurities. When you focus on the people around you it makes it easier to find your place, leave your influence and gain friends and advocates.

  • Be quick to observe patterns in speakers habits and preparations
  • Be quick to observe and mirror gestures
  • Be quick to observe a need
  • Be quick to observe a feeling
  • Be quick to observe strengths o fellow bloggers

And the list could go on and on…

When you are quick to observe your surroundings, it’s more than just seeing colors, shapes and settings. Observing gives you the capacity to see an opportunity and act on it that would have been overlooked otherwise.


#8: Ask Questions and Actually Listen

Don’t asked canned questions. Don’t talk about the weather. Don’t waste your time or theirs. You can have fun, be cordial and get to know others, just try and be deliberate about each question you ask. There are a lot of questions you can ask that aren’t ‘business related’ but can have a great impact on your business, relationships and experience.

Ask real questions. Ask questions that help you get to know another blogger and their story. Ask questions that help you relate to one another and open doors for each other. You don’t have a lot of talk time – be wise. Maximize your opportunities with real conversations, not just ice breakers and chit chat. Then, listen to the answers.

When you ask questions and listen it puts  you in the drivers seat. The person who spends their time listening and asking is always the one driving the conversation.

*NOTE: You may consider writing a list of questions along with your goals. Having a few great questions in mind before you walk through the conference doors will give you confidence and facilitate actionable conversations.


#7: Smile

Smile. Go ahead, smile right now, see how it feels. {Pretty great, eh! :)}

There’s something about a simple smile that’s so inviting and empowering. Wear one all the time – even if it kills you. A smile offers warmth and breaks the ice. It reaches out and lights up a room, a conversation and an opportunity.

*BONUS: a smile AND a compliment always go a loooong way. You don’t have to worry about being superficial; when you’re quick to observe, you’ll see plenty of reasons to sincerely compliment anyone!


#6: Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover

You will never know the power of someone until you really have time to get to know them. Don’t judge yourself against someone who you think might look better, walk taller, have a longer blogging tenure or know more people.

Anytime you make hasty judgments – for better or worse –  you jeopardize opportunities for everyone, especially yourself. If you’re tempted to draw conclusions because of what you see, challenge yourself to simply STOP IT. Replace those thoughts with questions you would like to ask the person or a specific compliment you can give them.

No one, I repeat, no one, is out of your league. We’re all in this together, so keep you’re head in the game 😉

Later this week, we’ll cover the final five tips to rock Bloggy Boot Camp 2013 and get the most out of your blog conference experience… For now it’s time to get to work on tip #10 and start defining your goals for the upcoming conferences!

Are you headed to Bloggy Boot Camp Phoenix this week? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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