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Yesterday, Shannon mentioned she was blogging from Blissdom- I was fortunate enough to attend as well.

I know many of you are newer to blogging and wondering what these conferences are all about.

From where I stand they are about one thing- connecting.

Connecting with other women whose lives you get a glimpse of everyday.

Connecting with your own creativity.

Connecting with your inner entrepreneur.

There are all kinds of conferences for women in social media, how do you choose?

Well, I think consider: location, cost, people, etc.

BlogHer will have 3,000 attendees.  Blissdom had 500. SITScation/Boot Camps have around 100.

If you’d think you’d like to try one out- Heather & I would love to see you at one of our bloggy boot camps.

Smaller, more intimate educational and net-working day conferences for under $100.

Currently, tickets are on sale for Balitmore and Phoenix.

San Francisco dates to be announced soon.

And, right now, we have a poll up for other stops: Austin, Minneapolis, Boston, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago, London and Seattle.  You can vote here.

We are also looking for speakers.  You can submit yourself here.

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