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Vote For Our Next Bloggy Boot Camp Speaker!

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In honor of our Birthday Bash, we opened up our doors to speaker proposals for both our Denver stop on September 17 and our Atlanta stop on October 22. If you’ve ever been interested in becoming a speaker at a blog conference, this was your big chance! We asked our community to send us a video clip describing who they are and what they would talk about if we handed over the microphone to them.

And did you ever respond!

In the course of one week, we received over 100 video submissions! We could hardly believe it. An endless number of talented, funny, and creative women all forwarded videos to us. We only wish we had space for everyone.

However, we forged ahead. After an endless amount of debate and time on YouTube, we managed to narrow down our candidates to five women.

What Happens Next

Now comes the fun part! It’s time for our readers to choose one speaker for an upcoming Bloggy Boot Camp! Simply watch the below videos and then decide who you’d like to hear speak.

Voting is limited to once per day and will close next Wednesday, August 3. After we have a chance to tally the votes, we’ll announce the lucky winner!

Here They Are!

#1: Robin from Farewell Stranger: http://farewellstranger.com/


#2: Sharon from Mom of 6: http://momof6.com/


#3: Kimberley from Through the Lens of Kimberley Gauthier: http://www.kimberlygauthier.com/


#4: Stacey from Tree, Root, and Twig: http://treerootandtwig.com/


#5: Annie from Mama Dweeb: http://mamadweeb.com/


Time to Vote

We’ll tally the votes and reveal our lucky winner towards the end of next week!

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