Reminder: #SITS31DBBB Starts Next Monday!

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Don’t forget! We’re kicking off a new round of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge next week. Whether you are a new or seasoned blogger, participating in 31DBBB is a great way to kickstart your blogging into high gear!

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We’ve got all the details outlined, as well as the sign up form, waiting for you in our #SITS31DBBB post from last week.  You’ll want to purchase the 31 Days to Build A Better Blog ebook. Make sure you use promo code SITS25 for your 25% SITS Girls discount – yay!

If you plan on participating and you haven’t joined one of our 3 blogger experience groups yet, you’ll want to do that too. Get the details on which blogger group is for you.

We’ve have several of the same questions pop up regarding the challenge, so we put together the below list of FAQs as a guide.


Do I absolutely have to buy the ProBlogger book?

No, but we strongly encourage it. You can follow along without the book. However, you will increase your experience during the program 1000% by having the book by your side. Plus, Darren is offering 25% off of the normal price using the code, SITS25.

What if I have the first edition of the book, rather than the latest copy?

You are welcome to work through the challenge using the first edition of the book. You just won’t have a copy of the latest updates, as well as the week of Bonus Material that Darren added. If you are OK with that, then you’re ready!

Am I required to sign up for a group? I don’t know which group to join.

Don’t worry a ton about which group you sign up for. The groups are just a starting point for everyone and a way for us to get you on our email distribution list for this challenge. You are welcome to move around as you see fit and as the challenge progresses.

Meet Our #SITS31DBBB Team!

This challenge couldn’t happen without tremendous effort from our fabulous #SITS31DBBB community leaders. These gals are going to be posting the daily tasks in our forums and sharing their wisdom and knowledge with you as the weeks progress. So let’s meet them – and make sure you follow all of them on Twitter so you don’t miss a beat!

Meet Our Beginner Blogger Group Community Leader: Jen

Jen MitchellHi, I am Jen. I am the proud mother of triplets and their big brother.  Sometimes it feels like I am buried in children. I tell those stories from under the pile on my blog Buried with Children, and on twitter @BuriedWithKids.

Meet Our Intermediate Blogger Group Community Leader – Nicole

Nicole is a stiletto wearing, cabernet sipping, mom to three lovely little ladies. Two of which are twins who are entering the feared age of TWO – she asks that you send lots of prayers, chocolate and bottles of wine. While Nicole was an Elementary School Teacher in her professional life prior to kids, she currently is a freelance writer, blogger and social media enthusiast. In addition to her personal blog, you can find Nicole contributing here at SITS, Savvy Sassy Moms and Tip Junkie. You can catch her in the intermediate forum supporting your #SITS31DBBB efforts as well as on the Twitter and the Facebook. She’ll be featuring her popular Blog Idol Interview SITS 31DBBB edition throughout the weeks of the challenge on her personal blog, Moments that Define Life, as an additional support…you know, because you should have loads of extra time to read while tackling those challenges. {Ahem}  Find Nicole on Twitter at @MTDLBlog.

Our Advanced Blogger Group Community Leader – Melissa

Melissa CulbertsonMelissa is a busy mama with 11 years of experience in marketing and branding. She blogs at Adventuroo, a blog about capturing the everyday moments in motherhood, and Momcomm, a blog where she shares can-do tips for blogging, writing and social media. She’s also the author of the DIY Blog Critique workbook, which guides bloggers through 43 points to critique their own blogs in design, navigation and content. Connect with Mel on Twitter at @MelACulbertson.

And of course, follow Tiffany and Fran at @SITSGirls and me at @KludgyMom. We’ll be checking in and providing updates as well.

We can’t wait to get started and see you all transform your blogs!

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