#SITS31DBBB: All-New Fun and Flexible Format!

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As we said on Tuesday, we are getting ready to launch the 31 Days to Build A Better Blog challenge on January 16. If you’ve already purchased Darren Rowse’s eBook with your SITS discount, hurray! If you haven’t, don’t worry. You still have time. Let’s give you a quick overview of how #SITS31DBBB will work this time around. We have something to offer bloggers old and new. And, our new format gives you TONS of flexibility on how little or much you want to do – especially if you’ve done the challenge before, or if you’re a more advanced blogger.

#SITS31DBBB Timeframe

#SITS31DBBB will kick off on Monday, January 16 and run only on weekdays. We will be taking weekends off. Darren Rowse has modified the latest edition of 31DBBB, which actually now includes an extra week of bonus content. As a result, we will be running 5 weeks of #SITS31DBBB content. You’ll see more on that below.

#SITS31DBBB Community

It’s always more fun to do the challenges with a group of friends. That’s why we’ll be doing the #SITS31DBBB challenge as a community! Most of the challenge will be run out of the SITS community forums, but we’ll be supplementing our content there with great Education channel content each week as well.

New #SITS31DBBB Format

Content Blocks: Darren’s 31DBBB book is designed to be done in chronological order. But we’re approaching it differently to adapt to the needs of our blogger community. Instead of completing the book in order, we’re grouping tasks into weekly content blocks. By doing this, you can participate in any or all of the tasks on a particular topic.

Hop On, Hop Off: Because we’re grouping tasks by topic, it gives you a ton of flexibility on how you want to be involved. If you’re a new blogger and want to soak up every last bit of programming, you can. If you’re a more advanced blogger, and you only want to join us for one specific content block, no worries! You can do that instead.

Our weekly content blocks are:

Assess Your Blog (Week of January 16)

Look Under The Hood (Week of January 23)

Build Community (Week of January 30)

Hone Your Writing (Week of February 6)

Promote Your Blog (Week of February 13)

Customized Tracks by Level. We’re also breaking our challenge up by blogger experience level. The forums will have separate discussions for each level. We have a team of leaders at the ready to help you through the customized challenges and offer tips and tricks along the way! These leaders are bloggers who will be familiar to you from their guest posts here on The SITS Girls, and they will be assigned to assist new, intermediate and advanced bloggers.

This format will allow new bloggers to connect with others at their same level of “expertise.”  Since some of the tasks are too basic for intermediate and advanced bloggers, we’re tweaking those to be more valuable and impactful for bloggers who have been around the block.

Getting Started

Here is a quick rundown of what you need to do to dive in…

Buy the 31DBBB eBook. You’ll need to purchase the 31DBBB ebook before January 16. SITS members will get a 25% discount off the price of the book – hurray! Just use code SITS25 and you’re good to go!

Choose your blogger experience level. Since we’ll be running parallel group discussions by blogger experience level, you’ll need to slot yourself into the right spot! Here’s how we’re categorizing our blogger groups:

Join our New Blogger Group if:

  • You’ve been blogging less than 6 months, and/or
  • You have less than 100 followers/subscribers, and/or
  • You have not had significant paid writing opportunities, and/or
  • You have a limited social media presence (less than 100 Facebook fans or less than 750 Twitter followers)

 Join our Intermediate Blogger Group if:

  • You’ve been blogging 6 months to a year, and/or
  • You have 100-400 followers, and/or
  • You have had a handful of paid writing opportunities, and/or
  • You have a growing social media presence (more than 100 Facebook fans or more than 750 Twitter followers)

Join our Advanced Blogger Group if:

  • You’ve been blogging for over a year, and/or
  • You have more than 400 followers, and/or
  • You have had many paid writing opportunities, and/or
  • You have a solidly large social media presence (more than 300 Facebook fans or more than 1500 Twitter followers)

Sign-ups for the #SITS31DBBB Challenge are now closed. If you are interested in participating, please do! Simply introduce yourself in the forums to the group that you would like to work with and dive in. You can also sign-up for our email distribution list for this challenge by sending an email to Francesca at SITSGirlF@gmail.com.

Get Our Feed. Make sure you’re subscribed to The SITS Girls RSS Feed so you don’t miss our important updates before, during and after the challenge. You won’t want to miss a beat.

Bookmark Our Forums. Also be sure to bookmark our Community Forums as that’s where you’ll be doing most of your interacting.

Follow Our Hashtag. Consider creating a #SITS31DBBB hashtag in your Twitter stream so you can keep up with fellow participants, share your links, and more!

and most importantly…have fun making your blog rock!

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