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Women CommunityI have a bad habit of screening calls.  My phone rings, I glance up to see who it is, and quickly make a decision as to whether or not I am going to answer.

The exact opposite scenario happens if one of my online girlfriends is calling.  Is that Mama Kat’s number I’m seeing?  Angie?  Tiffany?  Look out!  I am practically diving to the phone in an effort to make sure it doesn’t go to the answering machine.

There is nothing quite like a chatting with your girlfriends, is there?  It’s my go-to pick-me-up any day of the week.

I feel the same way about our community forum here on SITS.  Feeling a bit out of sorts?  Needing to connect with someone who “understands”?  The forum is a great place to find the conversation you’re looking for.

Last year, we tried various platforms to host our conversation with our SITStahs.  During the summer, we blitzed BlogFrog.  Later that fall, we turned to something called BuddyPress, which was a great start, but filled with too many errors and ultimately caused the site to crash repeatedly.

On our new site, we’re using a program that gives us a ton of options and, most importantly, we shouldn’t be able to break!  We’ve taken all of our lessons learned and wrapped them up with a big red bow in order to give our community everything its been asking for.

On the new forums, here are just a few things that you’ll find:

Help Desk

Having problems with something on the SITS site?  Maybe our button won’t load or you can’t find what you’re looking for?  Then leave a note for us!  We’ll do everything we can to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.


When we created the tribes for our community, we did so using names that were fun, like Goose, and Foxy Brown, and Spring Chicken.  The trouble was that you couldn’t figure out what any of the groups were really about just by looking at the name.  This time around we’ve done away with the creativity and set up the tribes based on topic.  If you’re looking to connect with other working moms, or discuss faith, having a baby, or home decor, then there is a tribe waiting for you.  Head on over, say hello, and introduce yourself by linking to your blog and Twitter account.

SITS Book of the Month Club

We’ve added a new group to our forum that we’re very excited about.  Once a month, we’ll be focusing on a book for us to discuss in the forum, ala our SITS Book of the Month Club.  In the frenzied pace of our on-line world, we want to get back to the pleasure of reading a book.  The SITS community is more than just a place where you can improve your blogging skills.  We’d love for all of us to become our best selves.

{More details on the Book of the Month club to follow on Thursday!}

Setting up your account and starting to network in the forum couldn’t be easier.  Find the Click Here to Register button to get started.


Once done, you can personalize your profile with your picture, links to blog and social media accounts, add your birthday, whatever you like!

Keep in mind that you can register for an account in one of two ways:

  1. Creating a user name and password specific to the forum.
  2. Using our Facebook connect feature.  This enables you to utilize your Facebook profile log-in, but does not share your personal information.

Community Women

Check it out, and start connecting with your tribe & networking with your SITStahs today!

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